Del Marquis Becomes Slow Knights for Debut Solo Album

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Derek Gruen aka Del Marquis aka Slow Knights

Derek Gruen aka Del Marquis aka Slow Knights

Derek Gruen, who is known worldwide as Del Marquis from Scissor Sisters, is reinventing himself once again for his debut solo album by using the moniker Slow Knights.

Slow Knights’ record is called “Cosmos” and will be released on March 26, 2013.

Guests appearing on the album will include members of Prince‘s former band the New Power Generation, Rod Thomas (Bright Light Bright Light), Xavier Smith, Chrissie Poland, Bridget Barkan and Mykal Kilgore. It was mixed by Howie Weinberg (Public Enemy, Aerosmith, The White Stripes) and produced by Derek Gruen.

If the tracks on Del’s recently released free mixtape “Tickle” are any indication of what’s to come, “Cosmos” is going to be a funky record that will keep you grooving until dawn.

If March 26, 2013 cannot come fast enough for you, never fear – until then, you can listen to a sample of “Cosmos” on Slow Knights’ Soundcloud page.


Electronic To Reissue Debut Album With Bonus Tracks

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Bernard Sumner of Electronic

Bernard Sumner of Electronic

90’s supergroup Electronic featuring Bernard Sumner of New Order/Joy Division, Johnny Marr of The Smiths and Neil Tennant of Pet Shop Boys is re-releasing their debut self titled album on March 11, 2013 in an expanded and remastered edition, featuring some previously unreleased tracks.

The tracklist is:


CD 1
1. Idiot Country (2012 – Remaster)
2. Reality (2012 – Remaster)
3. Tighten Up (2012 – Remaster)
4. The Patience Of A Saint (2012 – Remaster)
5. Getting Away With It (2012 – Remaster)
6. Gangster (2012 – Remaster)
7. Soviet (2012 – Remaster)
8. Get The Message (2012 – Remaster)
9. Try All You Want (2012 – Remaster)
10. Some Distant Memory (2012 – Remaster)
11. Feel Every Beat (2012 – Remaster)

CD 2
1. Disappointed (Stephen Hague 7” Inch Version) (2012 remaster)
2. Second To None (Edit) Previously unreleased
3. Lean To The Inside (Edit) Previously unreleased
4. Twisted Tenderness (Guitar / Vocal Mix) Previously unreleased
5. Idiot Country Two (12” Version)
6. Free Will (Edit) Previously unreleased
7. Until The End Of Time (Edit) Previously unreleased
8. Feel Every Beat (Edit) Previously unreleased
9. Getting Away With It (Instrumental) (2012 remaster)
10. Turning Point (Edit) (2012 remaster)
11. Visit Me (Edit) Previously unreleased
12. Twisted Tenderness (Instrumental) Previously unreleased

Pre-order the set here.

UK’s Bright Light Bright Light to Release Debut Album

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Rod Thomas of Bright Light Bright Light

Rod Thomas of Bright Light Bright Light

Hey electonic/pop fans!  UK’s Bright Light Bright Light (aka Rod Thomas) has a set a release for his debut album “Make Me Believe in Hope” on June 26, 2012.  A few months ago, I saw Bright Light Bright Light perform a solo piano set and I really enjoyed it.  Singer Rod Thomas promised the crowd that night that we were being treated to a special performance because the album has beats.  He did not lie.  I just finished giving the album a spin and I am really digging it.  The tracks talk about falling in love, the problems that couples go through and getting your heart broken over great pop dance beats that are going make you cry and shake your booty on the dance floor.  In this day and age we all need to multi-task!  If you like Frank Musik, Dan Black or Robyn, you’re going to love this record.  If you don’t know those artists I mentioned,  you’ve been given a homework assignment.

I’ve seen quite a few bands since I saw Bright Light Bright Light perform and as the songs come on, I have flashbacks to that concert as the songs are instantly recognizable.  I’ve found myself recalling the choruses to the songs and loving hearing the tracks with a dance beat.  In a world of disposable music, this is a major accomplishment!  The album also features Scissor Sisters’ Del Marquis and Alison Pierce of The Pierces.  You can see a solo piano live version of “Cry at Films” featuring Del and Bright Lightx2 at the above link.  When you hear the soul in Rod Thomas’ voice coupled with the delectable dance beats of tracks such as “Disco Movement” and “How To Make A Heart,” you’re gonna find yourself hitting the repeat button.  While you wait patiently for the album to be released, head over to Bright Light Bright Light’s official website and snatch up some remixes!

The future is incredibly light for Bright Light Bright Light, whose album “Make Me Believe in Hope” will be released on June 26, 2012.  Get it and tell a friend!

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