Failed Rap Bands

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Publicity photo of Meaty Wing and 'Lil Stick

Publicity photo of Meaty Wing and 'Lil Stick

Several weeks ago, Gail (aka OG) and I decided to try our skillz in the rap game. We formed a gangsta rap group called Meaty Wing and ‘Lil Stick.  Things were going great.  We recorded our first single “Land of Pillows” from the forthcoming album “Meat and Alcohol,” but things just didn’t take off and we disbanded.  The tensions in the band started when we’d spend endless hours arguing over who gets to be Meaty Wing and who gets to be ‘Lil Stick.

It’s such a bummer because we booked studio time to do a cover of Delicious Water’s hit single “Take it With Your Hand” and it was destined to be a classic.

Here’s some of the lyrics to our first single “Land of Pillows.”

Yo ‘Lil Stick!

‘Sup Meaty Wing.

Let’s get this motherf%^ker f@#kin started for f*&k’s sake!

Take me to the motherf$%kin’ land of pillows, b%$%h

Lay with me all motherfu!@#in day

Just give me meat and alcohol and sh^t

This rap sh%t is so f$%kin’ gay.

F^%k, f!@k, f*&k, f^&k the land of pillows

She’s just a motherf&^kin st%nk a@! ho

The stupid bi!@h and the motherf%$in c^%t, ya know

Is like being in the f!@kin, c%&ksuckin land of motherfu&^in pillows.

I think this would have been a worldwide smash.  Oh well.

Bands That Never Made It

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Outtake from the "Delicious Water" Photo Shoot

Outtake from the "Delicious Water" Photo Shoot

Gail and I rock, but we have very little musical talent.  We started a band once called “Smoking Bastards,” but we broke up before we ever recorded any songs.  Several months later, we formed another group called “Delicious Water.”  We did the photo shoot for the album cover, but the self-titled record was never to be.  I wrote the lyrics for what was meant to be our lead single, “Take It With Your Hand.”  The lyrics went as follows:

Take it with your hand

Take it with your hand

Take it

Take it

With your


We thought it was quite a catchy little tune.

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