13 Bands to Watch in 2011

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As 2010 draws to a close, I can say that it’s been a good year for music.  After seeing literally hundreds of acts this year, it is my duty to share some of my favorites with you.  Below see my 13 of my favorite new bands/artists of 2010.

Delphic. If you like New Order, you’ll love Delphic. Check out “Red Lights”

Young Empires.  Check out the disco-punk band performing “Against the Wall”

Two Door Cinema Club. The sound on “Something Good Can Work” is very bass heavy, so definitely seek out a cleaner version of this amazing song.

The Rassle. Take a drive, roll the windows down and sing “Born Free” at the top of your lungs! It’s a great experience.

Dan Black. The following clip of “Yours” is performed acoustically, so imagine what the dancey studio version sounds like. Don’t just imagine… find out!

Penguin Prison. If you like pop and soul with guitar, you can’t go wrong with Penguin Prison.

Wild Nothing. If you like The Smiths, you’re going to love Wild Nothing.

MNDR. If you love pre-botox Madonna, MNDR will be your thing. Here’s “Sparrow” and “Fade to Black” performed with Mark Ronson!

JBM. Jesse Marchant’s voice is so beautiful you might find yourself crying. But they’ll be tears of joy.

Hanni El Khatib. Rock and roll is not dead and Hanni El Khatib proves it!

Tame Impala. If you like the Beatles psychedelic era, you’ll love these Australian rockers. Check out “Solitude is Bliss”

Male Bonding. The punk trio from the UK rock. Hard! They are so awesome live too. This is their track “Weird Feelings.”Future Relative. Check out their cover of Bjork’s “Army of Me.”

A2G’s Top 12 Albums of 2010

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Top 12 Albums of 2010

I’m so happy that 2010 was a great year for music!  Last year, I struggled to find 10 albums I liked enough and this year, I had to stop myself at my favorite 12.  I was fortunate enough to meet 11 out of the 12 artists in 2010 (Arcade Fire being the exception) and I saw 11 out of the 12 albums performed live (with Kele being the exception) and I want to take this opportunity to thank all of the artists again for making my ears so happy in 2010.  I’ve listened to all of these albums so many times this year and I love them all dearly.

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Delphic News!

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James Cook of Delphic

Delphic fans rejoice!  The band has not one, but two free downloadable EPs on their official website and these offers won’t last long, so go now to get your tracks.

What are the songs, you ask?

The free Counterpoint EP has:

1. Counterpoint (Tim Goldsworthy Edit)

2. Doubt (Acoustic)

3. Wake

4. This Momentary (Extended Version)

A second EP can be downloaded that features the B-side “Sanctuary,” the amazing extended version of “This Momentary” as well as remixes Delphic has done for Phoenix (“Fences”) and Everything Everything (“My Keys, Your Boyfriend”).

You can also read an exclusive interview with Delphic on the Delphic Fan Site.  Thanks Delphic!

Video: “Red Lights” live by Delphic

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HD Video by G.

I love the band Delphic so much.  Their studio album “Acolyte” is definitely on my top ten albums of 2010 list and I’ve gushed publicly before about how much I love their song “Red Lights.”  They are really great live and you will understand why I feel this way after you see them performing “Red Lights” at Terminal 5 in New York on October 1, 2010.

Also, while supplies last, if you visit Delphic’s official site, you can download a free 4 track EP that features a nearly 12 minute extended version of “This Momentary,” which is a dance party for your ears.  Highly recommended!

And now… “Red Lights”

Delphic live at Terminal 5

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On October 1, 2010, Manchester’s Delphic played to a sold out crowd at New York’s Terminal 5.  I saw them earlier this year, not having heard any of their music and by the end of that show, I was a fan.  Their album “Acolyte” was not yet released in the United States when I saw them initially, and since that night, I’ve listened to the album so many times, there’s no doubt that it is securing a spot in my best albums of 2010 list.  It was so great to see the band live after becoming familiar with their music because they are killer live!  I am still battling my case of laryngitis, but I did my best to sing along  to every track.  Apologies to the people standing near me if I sounded like a dying cat.  Their 8 song set was played as a continuous mix and it was an hour long dance party that everyone in Terminal 5 was enjoying.  It’s hard to pick a favorite song, but looking at my I-pod counter, I’ve heard “Red Lights” the most and I thought I was going to lose control when the song came on because I love it so much.  Luckily, for the sake of you, my dear readers, I held it together and took a video which you’ll see very soon.  Please be patient.  I am one person with lots of adventures to write about.

James Cook of Delphic

If you’ve never heard Delphic’s music before, please visit their official website (link is above) where you can download 1 unreleased track (Sanctuary), 1 extended version (This Momentary) and 2 remixes they’ve done for other artists (Phoenix, Everything Everything).  I highly recommend it!  As you’ve already read, I met lead singer James Cook after the set and he was a delightful person!  This was a night for the books.  I am really looking forward to Delphic becoming worldwide superstars and if their set from tonight is any prediction of future success, I think they have nothing to worry about.

Delphic’s setlist was: Clarion Call / Doubt / Red Lights / Instrumental / This Momentary / Halcyon / Counterpoint / Acolyte

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