Justin Bond Performs “Dendrophile” at Bowery Ballroom

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Justin Bond - Dendrophile.  Out Now!

Justin Bond - Dendrophile. Out Now!

There’s a very short list of performers that I feel are crucial to see every time they perform.  Justin Bond is on that list.  I’ve seen the newly christened Justin Vivian Bond perform countless times and each and every time, I walk away both with a huge smile on my face and the thought that I can’t wait to see Justin again.  Such was the case last night, April 5, 2011 as Justin celebrated the release of his latest album “Dendrophile” by performing to a packed house at New York’s Bowery Ballroom.  As is typical at a Justin Bond show, you’ll see an entirely different performancethan the time you saw him before; you’ll hear side-splitting anecdotes in between songs and you’ll also see Justin belt the shit out of the songs he sings.  All of the above were true last night.  The tracks on “Dendrophile” have subject matter that range from dreaming of equal rights for all to the poor rising up and taking over to an homage to the golden age of hustlers!  Yes!  Justin so rightfully described his sound and style as a cross between Aleister Crowley and Peggy Lee before singing the track from his new album “Crowley A La Lee.”  I think that pretty much encapsulates it!  Spotted in the crowd were the King of Downtown (and today’s birthday boy Earl Dax) as well as Joey Arias (another performer that makes my “see him every time he performs” list).

Dendrophile by Justin Vivian Bond is out now.

Pre-Order Justin Vivian Bond’s New CD and get it Signed (US Only)

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Justin Vivian Bond - New CD

Justin Vivian Bond - New CD "Dendrophile." Out April 5, 2011.

US fans of Justin Vivian Bond are in for a special treat.  Justin’s new album “Dendrophile” will be released on April 5, 2011 and if you pre-order it from the official site of Justin Bond, you’ll receive your copy autographed!  Order yours today at this link.  This offer is only valid for US residents.  Also, celebrate the release of “Dendrophile” with Justin at Bowery Ballroom in New York on April 5, 2011.  It’s a guaranteed good time!

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