“Annual Summer Invitational” at Jonathan LeVine Gallery

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Photos by G.  Various Artists.

Jennifer Delilah

Jennifer Delilah

New York!  Make some time and check out the Jonathan LeVine Gallery.  Two great exhibits.  One roof.  In the front gallery is the “Annual Summer Invitational,” which features the works of 12 different artists.  Featured artists are Above, Ashley Wood, Daniel Martin Diaz, Dickchicken, Edwin Ushiro, Eric Fortune, Hello Monsters, Jennifer Delilah, Melissa Haslam, Meryl Smith, Nicoetta Ceccoli and Yuko Shimizu.



The second gallery features new works from Olek in another amazing exhibit entitled “The Bad Artists Imitate, The Great Artists Steal.”



At the opening night reception, I met the fabulous and fabulously talented Jennifer Delilah!  You can see a photo after the jump.

The Annual Summer Invitational and “The Bad Artists Imitate, The Great Artists Steal” by Olek are showing at Jonathan LeVine Gallery (located at 529 West 20th Street #9E) through August 17, 2011.

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Dickchicken’s “Dickbusters” Print on 1xRun.com

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Photo courtesy of 1xRun.

Dickbusters by Dickchicken

Dickchicken’s “Dickbusters” print will be available at noon EST on August 11, 2011 on 1xRun.com.  This will sell out fast, so don’t miss it!!

Dickchicken Leaves Free Art In NYC #artdrops

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Photos by G. Art by Dickchicken and Olek (you’ll figure out who is who).

Dick Chicken and Olek

Dickchicken and Olek

What a day I am having!  Earlier today, I got to interview a musical icon from the 1980s (stay tuned for that post – it’s going to be GREAT).  A few hours later, and a month to the day after street artist Dickchicken gave away cans of Dickchicken Noodle Soup on the streets of New York, he was back again giving away free art.  Dickchicken will be participating in Summer Invitational from the Jonathan LeVine Gallery (running August 10 – 27th, 2011) alongside another one of the According2g.com all-stars, the goddess of crochet, Olek!

Dickchicken announced via Twitter that he’d be doing a series of #artdrops throughout the Chelsea area, and for the faithful, such as myself, I was able to snag a very limited edition box of “Dickchicken McNuglets.”  If you are in the New York area and you missed this, you are obviously not following @dickchicken on Twitter.  You are also obviously not following @according2g on Twitter either because I took a picture and sent it to my followers – live on the scene.  Last but not least, you are also not following @hereandnow3 on Twitter because he also mentioned #artdrops.  Remedy that situation now and follow us.  Do you really want to miss my tweets where I share stories of meeting the biggest movie star in the world?  That’s certainly more interesting than people who retweet the same old shit and try and take credit for the idea, according2g.

Thanks again Dickchicken for making (and giving away) great art (twice in a month, no less!) and for giving great tweet!  Dickchicken will also be releasing a limited edition print on 1xRun later this month, so don’t miss it – it’s going to sell out fast.  Don’t worry, I’ll post a reminder because I am ninja like that.

Dickchicken Noodle Soup

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Photos by G.  Art by Dickchicken.  The Andy Monument by Rob Pruitt.

Dickchicken Noodle Soup

Dickchicken Noodle Soup

There’s nothing more patriotic on the 4th of July than to be looking on Twitter to see that Dickchicken left America a present.  He placed 18 limited edition cans of Dickchicken Noodle Soup in front of Rob Pruitt’s “The Andy Monument” at the entrance to the former Factory (which is now a Petco) in Union Square in New York.

The Andy Monument with presents from Dickchicken

When I arrived on the scene, another Dickchicken fan was also there to claim his free art.  I couldn’t help sticking around to watch the reaction from people passing by and I heard comments like “Why are they giving away free cans of soup?”

Back of the Dickchicken Noodle Soup can

It’s hard to make out from these pictures, but the cans Dickchicken left behind are jumbo sized.  Respect!  By the time this post is up, the cans are likely to be gone, so hopefully you got one in time.  I sure did!  Thanks to Dickchicken for making this the best 4th of July ever!

Dead Letter Playground at the Leo Kesting Gallery

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Photos by G.

Dead Letter Playground at the Leo Kesting Gallery in NYC. Now Through July 18, 2010

For those like myself who love street art, I’m here to tell you about an exhibit that is the motherlode of coolness!  The Leo Kesting Gallery in New York has a new exhibit called “Dead Letter Playground – A Collection of Contemporary Street Art” and it is amazing!  At the Leo Kesting Gallery, you will see works from Carolyn A’Hearn, Chris Stain, Clown Soldier, Dain, DickChicken, Doze Green, Elbowtoe, Elle, Ellis G, Faro, Gaia, Head Hoods, Imminent Disaster, Jen.Lu, Jordan Seiler, Know Hope, Laura Meyers, Lee Trice, Love Me, Matt Siren, Mister Never, Nicola Verlato, Peru Ana Ana Peru, Phil Lumbang, Shark Toof, Anthony Michael Sneed and Sweet Toof!

Love Me!

The names above might not sound familiar, but when you look through the exhibit, a bunch of light bulbs will go off in your head as you will have surely seen works by these artists on your travels around the city.  Even better news, as far as art goes, the works in this exhibit are extremely affordable.  I was so pleased to see works from Elbow Toe, Dick Chicken, Head Hoods, Gaia and Sweet Toof in an exhibit and I hope this is the beginning of a new trend because the stuff they make is fabulous!  It makes you think, it makes you laugh and it’s visually appealing.  What could be better?  The Leo Kesting Gallery is located at 812 Washington Street (at Gansevoort) and Summer gallery hours are Tuesday to Saturday from 11am until 7pm and Sunday 1-6pm, the gallery will be closed on Mondays until after the Labor Day weekend.  The exhibit runs through July 18, 2010 – so do not miss it!  For the non-New Yorkers, you can view the catalog here.

See some more coolness after the jump.

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