“Dissonance and Contemplation” by Andy Denzler

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Photos by G. Art by Andy Denzler.

"Dissonace and Contemplation" by Andy Denzler. Now showing at Claire Oliver in NYC through October 15, 2011

I love it when I walk into an art gallery and feel an immediate connection to the works inside.  Of course the brain can give you the quick fix of letting you know whether or not you enjoy what you see, but I am talking about your senses taking you on a journey.  “Dissonance and Contemplation” by Swiss artist Andy Denzler, which is now showing at Claire Oliver in New York, did just that for me.  The works are oil on canvas and feature Denzler’s signature style of bands of pigment that alternate between static. Prevalent themes in this exhibit are isolation and connection, hope and confusion.  Is life blurry or is it clear?  More importantly, is there anything we can do about it or should we just accept it and enjoy the parts of life that are clear?  All is not obscured so there is hope!  A range of emotions for sure, but fused together in a way that will have you thinking about the works long after you’ve left the gallery.

Andy Denzler

Andy Denzler

You can’t see the detail and the richness of these works in photos, so I encourage you to take a look at these luscious works with your own eyes.

Extreme Closeup

“Dissonance and Contemplation” is running through October 15, 2011 at Claire Oliver (located at 513 West 26th Street) in New York.  Don’t miss it!

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