Don’t Tread on Me Bitch!

Posted by The G on June 24, 2011 under The G Spot | Comments are off for this article

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Don't Tread on Me Bitch

Don't Tread on Me Bitch!

It’s Gay Pride weekend in New York this weekend.  I guess I was taken off the mailing list because I thought it was last week.  I am all for gay marriage to pass and equality for all mankind and for Smokey The Bear to prevent forest fires, etc., but if you think that if gay marriage becomes legal in New York that gays are going to be treated equally, you’ve got another thing coming!  Sure on paper, there might be some tax breaks, but the people that have made gay marriage illegal will still continue to hate and resent you.  Cool people have always been cool and what matters to them is how you treat them when you spend time together, not what you do in private.  The only way there will EVER be equality for all humankind is the day we discover we are no longer on top of the food chain.  On that day, it won’t matter if you are black, white or flourescent pink or what you do in your bedroom.  What will matter is survival.  That’s what matters to me now and I am a survivor.  I celebrate myself every day and I don’t need some politicians to tell me it’s OK or not OK to have a piece of paper from the state I live vindicating my existence.

I implore you to do the same.

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