The Best Chiropractor in New York City

Posted by The G on August 12, 2009 under The G Spot | 2 Comments to Read

Dr. Doug and G

Dr. Doug and G

Having back problems?  Need an adjustment?  Dr. Douglas Fredman is the answer to all of your problems!  Not only is he the best chiropractor in Manhattan, but he has great taste in music too.  What other waiting room in the world will you hear classical music, Pet Shop Boys and maybe even a little Led Zeppelin thrown in for flavor.

Make your appointments today and tell them G sent you!  Don’t forget to get there a little early as there is a Century 21 (designer clothing for affordable prices, for non New Yorkers) right next door.

Kura Chiropractic, LLC
139 Fulton Street, Suite 136
New York, NY 10038

Happy birthday Dr. D!

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