Dabs Myla and Craola Downtown LA Murals

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Photos by G.  Art by Dabs Myla/Greg Craola Simkins and Dabs Myla.

Craola and Dabs Myla Mural

Greg Craola Simkins and Dabs Myla Mural

I was very excited to see a mural by Greg Craola Simkins and Dabs Myla in Downtown Los Angeles (at 7th and Mateo).  Perhaps not new to the city, but since I live in New York and don’t make it out this way too often, it was new to me!  Located nearby is another mural from Dabs Myla.

Dabs Myla

Dabs Myla

Exit Through The Gift Shop – US DVD Release Date

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Photos by G.  Art by Banksy.

Banksy in Downtown Los Angeles.

Good news US Banksy/Brainwash/Shepard Fairey fans.  My street art spies tell me that “Exit Through The Gift Shop,” aka the best documentary of 2010, will be released on DVD in the United States on December 14, 2010.  I’m very excited to see this film again as I loved it so much.  If this doesn’t at the very least receive an Oscar nomination for best documentary, I think I’ll spray paint a big X over my television set when the awards show airs next March.

PS.  The images you are seeing are from a work by Banksy that he donated to the walls of Downtown Los Angeles earlier in 2010 to celebrate the release of the film on the big screen.  Angelinos have preserved the wall and when I visited LA in August, it was still up!

Fix your sign

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Photo by G.

Ho(tel) Cecil

This hotel in Downtown Los Angeles is missing a few letters.  I wonder if they rent by the hour?

The Best Pet Shop in Los Angeles

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Photo by G.

Pussy and Pooch. Located in Downtown Los Angeles

If I had pets and lived in Los Angeles, I’d definitely be frequenting Pussy and Pooch.  What a great name!

I love imagining scenarios such as this one:

Friend:  Hey G, want to come over and listen to the Pet Shop Boys?

G: I have to go to Pussy and Pooch, that Pet Shop – boy.  My pussy seems to have a rash on her pussy and my pooch can’t seem to poop.

Friend:  Pussy and Pooch should fix your pussy’s pussy and your poopin’ pooch.

2 hours later…

G:  Yes, my pussy is under control and my pooch is poopin’.  Praise for Pussy and Pooch Pet Store!

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