Kylie Minogue to Release “Aphrodite” Live CD/DVD (in 3D)

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Great news Minoguers!  (Yeah, I just made that up!)  The goddess of pop, Kylie Minogue, is releasing a live CD and DVD of her most recent tour, Aphrodite.  The show was filmed during her residency at the O2 Arena in London in April 2011.  The show was filmed in 3D and shown in European movie theaters for one night only.  “Aphrodite Les Foiles” will be available on DVD (in 3D) beginning November 28, 2011.  There will also be special features on the DVD including a never before seen tour documentary.  Mark your calendar!

“Con Artist”: The G Review

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Con Artist

Con Artist. Out Now on DVD!

 If you love art and fascinating people, you need to see “Con Artist” immediately.  “Con Artist” is the story of artist Mark Kostabi.  The film traces his roots growing up in Whitter, California to his jet setting life of present day where he resides in New York and Rome.  “Con Artist” is a fascinating portrait of a fascinating man.  Mark Kostabi rose to the top of the art world in the 80s on his own terms by doing something so many successful people fail to do – tell the truth.  Kostabi exposed the truth about the phoniness of the art world by admitting that he often only served as a creative director to the works he sold for large sums of money and sometimes he had nothing to do with them – as so many artists do but refuse to discuss.  He gained fame and success but he lost it all because there’s one thing people do not like to hear even though they claim they want to hear it – the truth.  The truth hurts and Kostabi was not afraid to speak up and expose it.

But that’s just one layer of Mark Kostabi.  Along the way, he’s tried his hand in everything from sculpture to composing music to being a game show host (where contestants can title his paintings for a cash prize)!   He’s also appeared on countless TV shows, shown his art all over the world and met the world’s elite from Andy Warhol to the Pope.  Some people love him.  Some people hate him.  Some people say he’s the nicest guy on the planet.  Others say he’s the devil incarnate.   Is the entire movie a hoax?  That’s up to you to decide.  One thing is for sure, Mark Kostabi leaves no gray area about what side of the fence he stands on and that’s too much for most people to handle.  I think it’s fantastic!  I’ve been fortunate enough to spend some time with Mark Kostabi and after meeting thousands of famous people in my life, I think he’s one of the most interesting (and nicest) people I’ve ever met.  Form your opinion. “Con Artist” is available on as well as Netflix.

Free Radiohead Live DVD (For Donation)

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Thom Yorke of Radiohead

Thom Yorke of Radiohead

Radiohead really knows how to treat their fans right!  Earlier this year, they played a one-off benefit gig at the Music Box in Los Angeles on January 24, 2010 to raise money for victims of the earthquake in Haiti.  Many fans snuck cameras into the show and recorded it for posterity.  The footage has been edited together and once again, the band has provided a crystal clear soundtrack.  Though this release is technically free, the band would really prefer that you give a donation, no matter how small to Oxfam. The link to donate is here.

You can download the Radiohead concert at this link.  Please don’t forget to donate!

The tracklist is:

Faust Arp / Fake Plastic Trees / Weird Fishes – Apreggi / National Anthem /Nude/ Karma Police / Kid A / Morning Bell / How To Disappear Completely / A Wolf At The Door / The Bends /  Reckoner / Lucky / Bodysnatchers / Dollars and Cents / Airbag / Exit Music (For A Film) / Everything in its Right Place / You and Whose Army / Pyramid Song / All I Need / Lotus Flower / Paranoid Android / Street Spirit (Fade Out)

Michael Jackson’s Vision DVD. Coming Soon!

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Michael Jackson by Mr. Brainwash

November 22, 2010 is going to be a great day for Michael Jackson fans!  On that day, “Michael Jackson’s Vision,” a 3 DVD box set of all of his short films will be released.

The tracklist is really awesome.  Check it out, courtesy of MJ’s official website:

Michael Jackson’s Vision


1 Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough 4:12:00
Director: Nick Saxton

2 Rock With You 3:22:00
Director: Bruce Gowers

3 She’s Out of My Life 3:35:00
Director: Bruce Gowers

4 Billie Jean 4:54:00
Director: Steve Barron

5 Beat It 4:57:00
Director: Bob Giraldi

6 Thriller 13:42:00
Director: John Landis

7 Bad 18:05:00
Director: Martin Scorsese

8 The Way You Make Me Feel 9:24:00
Director: Joe Pytka

9 Man In the Mirror 5:03:00
Director: Don Wilson

10 Dirty Diana 5:05:00
Director: Joe Pytka

11 Smooth Criminal 9:27:00
Director: Colin Chilvers

12 Another Part of Me 4:45:00
Director: Patrick T. Kelly

13 Speed Demon 10:08:00
Director: Will Vinton

14 Come Together 5:40:00
Director: Jerry Kramer & Colin Chilvers

15 Leave Me Alone 4:36:00
Director: Jim Blashfield and Paul Diener

16 Liberian Girl 5:34:00
Director: Jim Yukich

Total Disc 1 112:29:00 (01:52:29)


1 Black or White 11:01:00
Director: John Landis

2 Remember The Time 9:16:00
Director: John Singleton

3 In the Closet 6:05:00
Director: Herb Ritts

4 Jam 7:59:00
Director: David Nelson

5 Heal The World 7:32:00
Director: Joe Pytka

6 Give In To Me 5:29:00
Director: Andy Morahan

7 Who Is It 6:34:00
Director: David Fincher

8 Will You Be There 5:55:00
Director: Vincent Paterson

9 Gone Too Soon 3:38:00
Director: Bill DiCicco

10 Scream 4:47:00
Director: Mark Romanek
Janet Jackson appears courtesy of Virgin Records

11 Childhood 4:29:00
Director: Nicholas Brandt

12 You Are Not Alone 5:34:00
Director: Wayne Isham

13 Earth Song 6:44:00
Director: Nicholas Brandt

14 They Don’t Care About Us 7:08:00
Director: Spike Lee

15 Stranger In Moskow 5:33:00
Director: Nicholas Brandt

16 Blood On The Dancefloor 5:27:00
Director: Michael Jackson & Vincent Patterson

17 Ghosts 3:58:00
Director: Stan Winston

18 You Rock My World 13:30:00
Director: Paul Hunter

19 Cry 4:57:00
Director: Nick Brandt

Total Disc 2 125:36:00 (2:05:36)

DISC 3 (Bonus Features)

1 Blame It On the Boogie – The Jacksons 3:32:00

2 Enjoy Yourself – The Jacksons 3:31:00

3 Can You Feel It – The Jacksons 9:37:00

4 Say Say Say – Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson 4:57:00
Director: Bob Giraldi

5 They Don’t Care About Us – Prison version 4:52:00
Director: Spike Lee

6 Why? – 3T featuring Michael Jackson 4:33:00

7 One More Chance – previously unreleased 4:03:00

Total Disc 3 35:05:00

Free Radiohead Bootleg

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Thom Yorke of Radiohead

I just got wind of this, and I think it’s brilliant!  Radiohead fans filmed a 2009 show the band performed in Prague and edited their footage together.  The band was so impressed by the project, they provided soundboard audio of the show to serve as the soundtrack! Radiohead pioneers the dying music industry once again.  You can download the free unofficial yet somewhat official DVD bootleg here for free!  I saw this show about 1 month before this performance and it was one of the greatest shows I’ve ever seen.  Coming from me, that is saying a lot!  I find it interesting to note that the setlist is almost entirely different as well.  Thanks Thom and company!

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