Questions and Answers with Street Artist Earl Lee

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Photos courtesy of Earl Lube Industries.

Millionaire.  Lady Killer.  Sportsman.  Street Artist. Earl Lee is in it to win it.  Earl Lee’s penchant for fast cars and winning ways have turned him into an elusive icon that the most gorgeous women can hang with for only a night or a three day weekend if she bring two friends. The President and CEO of Earl Lube Industries, Earl Lee continues to push the envelope with everything that is fast on land, air or sea while simultaneously breaking the hearts of every centerfold, starlet and trophy queen he encounters.  “Born to Race and Race to Win” is Earl’s motto… and he’s just getting’ warmed up…….  Find out a little more about Earl Lee and why all the girls love him.

All The Girls Love Earl!

According2G: How long have you been doing street art?

Earl Lee: Started on the mean streets of Newport Beach, Cali approximately November of 2008.

All The Girls Love Earl

A2G: Can you tell us a few of your heroes and influences?

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