Happy 2nd Birthday, According2g.com

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Photo by Tres.

Est. 1976

Geoffrey Dicker of According2g.com

Happy 2nd birthday to According2g.com!

In the last two years, this website has taken me in directions I’ve only imagined were possible.  I started this site because I was tired of reading stories by people who steal images and stories off the net and try and pass the information off as their own.  Obviously, you are tired of it too.  According2g has thrived because I experience the things I write about – and from the front row!  It has been a pleasure to share the very best of the music and art scene in New York with you and I thank you for your daily support.

According2g.com has featured close to 3,500 posts, which equates to coverage of 5 events per day!  Nearly every photo and video are world exclusive and this formula has paid off.  My stories have been featured on sites such as D-Listed, Brooklyn Vegan and Hipster Runoff.  My global traffic rank (which gets stronger each day) is currently #176,276 in the world!  Remember, there are over 26,000,000 websites out there on the internet – this is the big league, baby!

If your event doesn’t appear on these pages, you have to reconsider your “it” factor because this site is only concerned with the very best of the art and music scene.

I’d like to thank all my faithful readers for tuning in 7 days a week, for all the hot tips I’ve received, all the readers that have stopped me in the street to say hello and all the amazing artists from every walk of life that I’ve shared my soul with.  It’s very rare that you’ll find someone on this earth with the passion and dedication I have to bring you the hottest music and art news accurately and before anyone else.  According2g, that’s cause for celebration.

Please continue to leave comments, share these stories on your favorite social networking sites and check back daily for the very best of the music and art scene in New York.



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