An Encounter with The Legendary Pink Dots

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Photos by G.

Edward Ka-Spel (lead singer) of The Legendary Pink Dots and G

Moments after the Legendary Pink Dots performed a legendary show at New York’s Le Poisson Rouge on October 29, 2010, I met the band.  Lead singer Edward Ka-Spel was hypnotic on stage and he was very nice off stage.  I am still in awe when I think of the sounds the LPD came up with decades before the trend caught on!

Phil Knight (aka The Silverman) of Legendary Pink Dots and G

LPD’s keyboard player Phil Knight (aka The Silverman) was also super nice as you can see in the above photo.

Thanks again to Edward and Phil for being very cool and for giving me an education about a band that lives up to their name – The Legendary Pink Dots!

The Legendary Pink Dots Live at Le Poisson Rouge

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Photos by G.

Edward Ka-Spel of Legendary Pink Dots

The Legendary Pink Dots are one of those bands that everyone talks about, everyone seems to reference, and yet I seemed to know nothing about them.  I decided I would remedy that and judge for myself if the band lives up to its name by going to see them live and I have to tell you – they do!  The Legendary Pink Dots (LPD) played New York’s Le Poisson Rouge (LPR) on October 29, 2010 and it was an enchanted evening.  The band is avant-garde, electronic, ambient, post-punk, industrial, experimental, noise and synthpop and a lot of these styles are present at the same time in their songs.  From the second they hit the stage, I was mesmerized by lead singer Edward Ka-Spel.  He moves around the stage subtly but he is able to take the audience on a journey with him.  I was standing in my usual spot (front row, center) and Edward came right up to me during an early song in the set and sang it right in my face.  I saw people taking video of it, so hopefully they’ll post it.  The lighting was minimal but effective throughout the show.  As this band began in 1980, I kept thinking of all the bands that have clearly been influenced by this band. It’s pretty amazing to think of how ground breaking this group is to pioneer these sounds decades before bands such as Dresden Dolls, MGMT and Skinny Puppy existed.  Speaking of the Dresden Dolls, The Legendary Pink Dots are playing with them on Halloween at Webster Hall – so that’ll be  a night filled with great entertainment.  I met the band moments after the show and they were both very nice.  Photos of that encounter are coming soon as well as a video of “Third Secret.”  So stay tuned.

Phil Knight (aka The Silverman)

The setlist from was:

The Unlikely Event / Third Secret / Rainbows Too? / Remember Me This Way / Gods and Machines / Russian Roulette / Cubic Caesar / Hauptbahnhof 20:10 / Soft Toy / Choke / Torchsong / New Tomorrow.


White Coats and Halos (Tear Garden Cover) / Birdie

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