An Encounter With The Gruens

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Photos by G.

Bob Gruen and G

Perhaps you might not know Bob Gruen’s name, but I can guarantee you, you know his iconic rock and roll images.  He’s photographed everyone from Muddy Waters to Elvis Presley to Madonna to John Lennon!  His wife, Elizabeth Gregory-Gruen is an accomplished artist as well and I met the couple at a reception for Elizabeth’s latest art exhibit “Double Cut” at the Sacred Gallery in New York.  They were both super cool as you can see from these photos.

Elizabeth Gregory-Gruen and G

After we chatted, we then drank custom-made “Double Cut” wine!  It was delicious.  The image on the bottle is a photo of one of Elizabeth Gregory-Gruen’s hand cut works of art!  Amazing!  Thanks again to the Gruen’s for their wonderful talents and for being so nice.

Double Cut wine.

“Double Cut” by Elizabeth Gregory-Gruen

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Photos by G.  Art by Elizabeth Gregory-Gruen.

Peace In by Elizabeth Gregory-Gruen

New Yorkers, I have some good news and some bad news.  The good news first.  Elizabeth Gregory-Gruen’s show “Double Cut” at the Sacred Gallery in New York was really cool.  You can’t possibly see all the detail in the above and below photos, but she has hand cut all the lines you see above.  When you think of the patience, skill and final results, it’s really mind blowing.  Now for the bad news.  I attended the closing night reception for this exhibit on November 30, 2010, so you’ll have to look up images online to see more of Elizabeth’s awesome works.  Highly recommended!  Now for more good news.  I spoke with Kevin at the Sacred Gallery and he informed me of a bunch of great exhibits coming up, so sign up on their mailing list so you don’t miss out.

Peace Out by Elizabeth Gregory-Gruen

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