Alan Cumming live at the Highline Ballroom

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Alan Cumming

Alan Cumming

You all know Alan Cumming from his roles in such films as Eyes Wide Shut, The Flinstones and X-Men, but did you know he has one helluva singing voice too? Covering a songbook that spanned from Brecht to Mika back to Dolly Parton and Frank Sinatra, Alan Cumming was celebrating the release of his new CD “I Bought A Blue Car Today.”  The one-night only show was a benefit to raise money for Empire State Pride Agenda, which fights for gay rights in the New York area.

In between songs, he told the sold-out crowd hilarious stories of a time when his lack of knowledge of Americana culture got him into trouble.  For example, at a show once, he needed someone to get up and dance with him and the crowd wasn’t biting, so he pulled an older gentleman out of the crowd and said “get up here, grandpa!”  It turns out, that man was legend Walter Cronkite. Years later at an event, he ran into him again and Cronkite went up to him and asked “do you wanna dance?”

He also told a story of meeting dance legend Ann Miller who complimented him on his role in the film “Eyes Wide Shut.”  When he told the 80 year old actress that he is only in the movie for about 5 minutes, Miller quickly came back with, “I hear the uncensored European version has a lot more pussy in it.”

He also set the rumour straight that he did not have an affair with singer Mika.  Damn!

As you can imagine, everyone in the Highline Ballroom had a great evening!  Best of all, it was for a great cause. Please donate if you can. One day we’ll all have equal rights!

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