Inside the Studio with the Master of Pipe Cleaner Art: Don Porcella

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Photos by G.  All art by Don Porcella.

Inside the Studio with Don Porcella

Don Porcella by Don Porcella Meet artist Don Porcella. His art is unlike anything you've ever seen. He makes sculptures out of pipe cleaners! Porcella grew up in Modesto, California inspired by creative people including his mother Yvonne Porcella, whose textiles have been seen in exhibitions all over the world (and are featured in the permanent collection at the Smithsonian). He founded a rock band called The Face Urchins and began making encaustic paintings out of pigments, beeswax, and damar resin.Encaustic Painting by Don Porcella

Studying under the guidance of David Salle, Don Porcella made a huge splash in the art world by taking his artistic talents to the next level – by creating art out of pipe cleaners.  Porcella’s artwork has been exhibited at galleries in New York City; East Hampton, NY; Paris, France; Portland, Oregon; Washington D.C. and San Francisco, California.

Inside the Studio with Don Porcella

Inside the Studio with Don Porcella

I had a rare opportunity to visit Don Porcella in his studio in Brooklyn, New York and his works of art are so impressive in person.  He plays with the concepts of consumerism, reality and our own weird mortality.  He is also heavily inspired by nature and concerns of the destruction of our environment.  His works give the viewer a chance to escape into other worlds with an interplay between simple narrative and twisted madness.

Inside the world of pipe cleaner artist Don Porcella

Don Porcella is getting ready for a solo exhibition to be held at the Claire Oliver Gallery in New York in November 2011.  The exhibition will feature a combination of encaustic paintings as well as pipe cleaner sculptures.  I asked Don what he is doing to prepare for the exhibit.  Like his art which has layers of truth and irony, he replied “For starters, I’ll be ordering 60,000 pipe cleaners.”

Inside the Studio with Don Porcella 4

Inside the Studio with Don Porcella

Thanks again to Don Porcella for giving us all a glimpse into his wonderful world.

If you are in the New York area this Saturday, March 12, 2011, you can catch Don Porcella performing an installation in Staten Island.  Here’s the details:

Saturday, March 12 – 3:00 – 4pm
“How to Live as One Race”- An informational session with Allecrop Trebor Nod – a self proclaimed alien visitor from outer space.
Special Guest Dr. Michael Byrd, a leading researcher in human evolutionary biology at Harvard University.
Adults $3, Students/Seniors $2, kids under 12 Free. Where: Snug Harbor Cultural Center & Botanical Garden
1000 Richmond Terrace, Bldg C, Staten Island, NY 10301
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