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"Endlessly" by Duffy. Out December 7, 2010

I am so happy Duffy is back.  I loved her debut “Rockferry” a lot.  When she toured for that album, I saw her live several times and she’s great!  She’s really pretty, super petite and has a voice for days!  I also met her around that time and seriously she couldn’t have been nicer! After a triumphant debut, it seemed like she disappeared.  I recently read an interview with her where she said that in promotions for “Rockferry,” she performed 700 gigs!  Now it all makes sense!  All I can say is welcome back Duffy!

Her latest album “Endlessly” is set for release on December 7, 2010 and it’s worth the wait!  It clocks in at a very short 34 minutes, but quality is better than quantity.  This time around, she has her signature slow jams, but there are also quite a few upbeat tunes.  Of course hearing these dancier songs makes me long for an entire album of straight dance music – so if you are reading this Duffy – please please please let me get what I want!

The album starts off with “My Boy,” an upbeat song that begins with cheering.  Obviously, the world is welcoming back Duffy.  Favorite lyric is “Age is a number/don’t steal my thunder.”   Next up is “Too Hurt To Dance.”  The track is a slow jam.  She talks about drinking about cocktails whilst waiting for her man to arrive.  Track 3 is “Keeping My Baby.”  It’s upbeat and the title reminds me of the lyrics of “Papa Don’t Preach” by Madonna.   She’s made up her mind.  “Well, Well, Well,” the first single is also an upbeat and funky track.  A friend pointed out that the horn line sounds like “Gonna Make You Sweat” by C&C Music Factory, so now I can’t hear the track without thinking of that song.  “Don’t Forsake Me” is slow and epic.  “Endlessly” is an acoustic slow jam, which once again showcases Duffy’s fabulous voice.  “Breath Away,” is a mid-tempo song that features the lyric “Every time I see you walk by/I break down and cry/you’re taking my breath away.”   “Lovestruck” is upbeat and funky.  I can totally imagine Kylie Minogue singing this song. Fingers crossed!  “Girl” is also upbeat.  The album finishes with “Hard For the Heart,” a sweeping slow jam with hand claps.

For the adult contemporary crowd that likes the slower tracks, you’ve got 5 new ones. For the younger folks who want Duffy to get funky, she also provides 5 new tracks.  Perhaps one day well see a double disc that features a side of ballads and an album for the feet.  As far as I’m concerned, I’ll take any new music Duffy wants to put out because I love her voice and I am looking forward to hearing these songs live.

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