Doze Green, Eric White, Kevin Cyr at Jonathan LeVine Gallery

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Photos by G.  Art by Doze Green, Eric White and Kevin Cyr, respectively.

Doze Green

Doze Green

New York!  Make sure you don’t miss a trio of great artists under one roof.  Jonathan LeVine in New York is showing not one but 3 exhibits through June 16, 2012.

First up is “Luminosity in the Dark Rift” by Doze Green (see photo above).  Fun fact about Doze Green: in the early 80’s he was one of the original b-boy members of the Rock Steady Crew.

Eric White

Eric White

In the center gallery is “Transmission” by Eric White.  The paintings reference films set in New York City as White reinterprets cinematic car sequences as a means of exploring film and dream narrative, metaphysics, psychological dysfunction and the limits of perception.

Kevin Cyr

Kevin Cyr

Last and certainly not least, in the 3rd gallery is “In Praise of Rust” by Kevin Cyr.  Cyr paints old vehicles seen on the streets of New York—primarily vans and commercial delivery trucks—covered in graffiti, rust, scratches, scuffs, dents and other marks of distinction.  For fans of graffiti and street art, you’ll see many familiar stickers and tags that Cyr has recreated in his paintings including the work of Neck Face (as pictured above).

Don’t miss this great exhibit featuring the works of Doze Green, Eric White and Kevin Cyr at Jonathan LeVine Gallery (located at 529 West 20th Street, 9th Floor) in New York.  These works are on display until June 16, 2012.

Eric White at Freight + Volume

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Photos by G.  Art by Eric White.

For Members Only by Eric White

At Freight + Volume in New York, there is a really cool group show on display called “Haymaker.”  The exhibit features 5 artists showing very diverse work.  Obviously, since I am a huge lover of music, the art that resonated with me the most is the work of Eric White, who painted mock album covers.  Perhaps you’ll recognize these covers from your music collections?

Songs In The Key Of Life by Eric White

Fear of Music by Eric White

The Koln Concert by Eric White

“Haymaker” featuring the works of Tatiana Berg, Doug Fishbone, Kristen Schiele, Damian Stamer and Eric White is now on display at Freight + Volume in New York. Freight + Volume is located at 530 + 542 W. 24th St.  “Haymaker” runs until February 12, 2011.

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