An Encounter with Morrissey!

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Morrissey and Geoffrey Dicker

Morrissey and Geoffrey Dicker

There are few times in my life I am speechless…  Picture it – October 9, 2012 on a misty New York night.  When it comes to Morrissey, the internet is divided: if they are talking about his music, you only hear good things.  If they are talking about his personality, you only seem to hear horror stories.  I can’t speculate on what I don’t know about, but I what I will say (and sorry if this ruins the horrible images you’ve already had in your head), when I met Morrissey, he was extremely nice!  Several overseas fans were trying to get a glimpse of the music god and he signed a few autographs (including my “Years of Refusal” cd) and was gracious enough to pose for a photo.  Unbelievable!  Thanks Morrissey for all the years of great music past, present and future and I am looking forward to your show tonight at Radio City Music Hall!  Morrissey!  Thanks to a good tip, my night did not end there and I saw several more music legends (though my luck in meeting them ran out).  Who would that be?  Stay tuned….

Hurricane Irene in Manhattan: The G Experience

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State of Emergency! No Business Today

Everyone’s got a story to tell about Hurricane Irene.  Here’s mine!  Ever since I worked for a news company and saw executives making up news stories that can negatively impact people’s lives first hand, I make sure I have as little exposure to mainstream media news as possible.  Coming from the west coast and now living in the east, there are a completely different set of weather circumstances to experience.  When I heard that a hurricane is coming, I figured I should probably pay attention to what the experts have to say because I’ve never been through one before.  The news was seriously all doom and gloom!  From the sounds of things, we were going to need to have food rations for up to a week due to god knows what – but all related to the hurricane.

Go Away Irene

Obviously with having a very rare earthquake and hurricane in Manhattan in the same week, Sherlock Holmes might deduce that Mother Nature has just about had it with our petty bullshit over who’s in control of the oil.  I decided to take precautions.  I stocked up on some carbohydrates 2 days in advance of the expected target date of the hurricane hitting.  The lines at the grocery store wrapped around the store and the shelves were picked clean.  The weather reports said the areas outside of Manhattan would get hit pretty hard and Manhattan would experience 30 miles an hours less wind power than some of the outer areas.  It still made everyone panic and obey like good little doggies.  I pay extra money to live in Manhattan so I don’t appreciate the media calling outer boroughs and places such as Jersey Shore “Manhattan” and spreading that gossip across the country so that people that live 3,000 miles away from me are calling to make sure I will be ok because they heard on the news that my city is about to implode.  Call me what you want, but I don’t live in Manhattan for the cheap rent – and you know exactly what I am talking about – so don’t lie!   Like clockwork, it started raining around 5 pm on Saturday, August 27, 2011 just like the weather reports said.

East Village.

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A Night at The Chelsea Hotel

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Hotel Chelsea on 23rd Street in New York.

I’ve been to the Chelsea Hotel in New York many times.  There used to be a really fun club in the basement on Friday nights, I’ve had friends stay there and I’ve even done a photo shoot there.  I’ve heard so many stories about the incredible things that have taken place at the legendary hotel in New York.  To name a few things – Nancy Spungen was murdered in Room 100 (whether or not Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols killed her is a debate that will probably rage on forever); Arthur C. Clarke wrote 2001 – A Space Odyssey here, Janis Joplin allegedly gave Leonard Cohen head and was immortalized in a song (Chelsea Hotel #2 by Leonard Cohen) here and countless artists and rockers have stayed at the hotel from Jimi Hendrix to Edith Piaf to Bob Dylan and Dylan Thomas to the Happy Famous Artists.  You can read all kinds of great information about the hotel and legends of the hotel here.  Last night was my first occasion to spend the night at the Chelsea Hotel and what an experience it was!

You definitely have to take a trip to the 10th floor and walk down the staircase to the first floor.  Artists that have stayed at the hotel have left behind paintings they’ve made in this building and the hotel has put them up on the walls.  To view the Chelsea Hotel art gallery, you have to be a guest, so definitely check in for at least one night for this experience.

Fire Extinguisher that the Happy Famous Artists have visited.

The fire extinguisher pictured above was visited by and possibly used by the Happy Famous Artists as they left behind stickers to commemorate their visit. I know they are big fans of this blog, so perhaps they can share the story of the night they used this fire extinguisher!

Ghosts in the Chelsea Hotel?

As we walked from floor to floor, we were especially drawn in by the cold draft on the 5th floor and walking around that particular floor gave me the creeps in a way that I can’t really describe other than to say if the twin girls from the movie “The Shining” would have walked down the hall, it wouldn’t have shocked me one bit.  We also walked by Room 100 and to our surprise the door was open and people were living in there.  I did not ask for a private tour, but I did get to sneak a quick peek inside the room and I am happy to report, I didn’t see any heroin usage or blood as I scanned the room.  I cannot promise you’ll see ghosts or have crazy dreams or even get the inspiration to create your masterpiece from staying at the Chelsea Hotel, but if you want to connect yourself to some legends in the 6 degrees of separation game, staying at this hotel is a must!

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