Questions and Answers with Street Artist Bludog10003

Posted by The G on April 25, 2011 under G Interviews | Comments are off for this article

Photos courtesy of Bludog10003.



BluDog10003 is a furry, four legged artist that believes sticker bombing is a much more hygienic form of marking his territory than what his instinct dictates.  When I suggested an interview with the reclusive street artist, I thought it might be a bitch to obtain.  It turned out, I was barking up the right tree.  As you will read, your attraction to BluDog10003 will be more than just puppy love.


BluDog / Olek's Crocheted Bike

According2g:  What got you into street art?
BluDog10003: Suburban boredom.  Started tagging as a kid in a town outside Seattle.  [I was] obsessed with NY and graffiti growing up.


BluDog's Where Is WeiWei in Soho

A2G:  Who are your heroes/influences?

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