An Encounter with Chris Hemsworth

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Chris Hemsworth and Geoffrey Dicker

Chris Hemsworth and Geoffrey Dicker

In another one of my epic and unplanned adventures, chance brought me to the Ed Sullivan Theater where the David Letterman show tapes.  I was in the area for a completely different reason (and that mission was accomplished, thanks for asking!), when I saw that a taping was getting out.  I had time to kill before my next mission so I joined the mob-scene when actor Chris Hemsworth was leaving the studio.  Not only is the man drop dead gorgeous, but he was extremely nice too!  It was a “Beatle-Mania” kind of situation with security guards, screaming girls, fans, autograph hounds and passers by stopping to gawk at the scene.  Regardless, Hemsworth tried to accommodate as many people as possible including me (as you can see above).  I did the best I could considering that everyone was trying to get a piece of him (and understandably so!)

Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth

Could be he any hotter?  Doubtful, according2g.  Thanks so much Chris for really being a cool guy and best of luck for your new movie “The Avengers” which opens in the USA today, April 27, 2012!

Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth signing autographs for fans at the Ed Sullivan Theater.

Luke Steele – “Prince Inspired My No Photos With Fans Policy”

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Luke Steele of Empire of the Sun

It’s really hard to write this without sounding ungrateful, so I’ll just try and tell you the facts and you can draw your own conclusions.  After the jump, of course….

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