Am I Hallucinating?

Posted by The G on May 27, 2010 under Street Art | 4 Comments to Read

Photo and possible hallucination by G.

Iced Coffee Fresh from Farmville.

Just like a lot of other people, I am addicted to Facebook.  I update my status a lot, I nag all my friends to leave comments on my blog and I often quote song lyrics of current grooves.  One thing I have not embraced are the plethora of games available to “pass the time.”  One such game is called Farmville and though I have never played it, each time a friend of mine makes a move on the game, their status update tells me so.  Examples for the NFG (Non-Facebook-Generation) are: ‘John added 2 more acres to his farm on Farmville’ or ‘James smeared cow manure all across his land and it’s pretty stinky.”  The premise of the game, from what I’ve seen through status updates, is to add and subtract imaginary things from an imaginary farm in order to make it the coolest imaginary farm in cyber-land.  Based on the photographic evidence above, I have proof that hallucinations are real!

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