The Official Amy Winehouse Paper Dolls at Fred Perry

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Photos by G.

The Official Amy Winehouse Paper Dolls

The Official Amy Winehouse Paper Dolls at Fred Perry in NYC

 Before Amy Winehouse died, she was going to have a line of clothing inspired by her signature looks to be sold at Fred Perry. The royaties from the sales of this collection will be donated to the Amy Winehouse foundation as soon as it is set up.   RIP Amy!
The Official Amy Winehouse Paper Dolls

The Official Amy Winehouse Paper Dolls

“Diamond District” by Deryck Todd

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Photos by G.  Clothing by Deryck Todd.

"Diamond District" by Deryck Todd

Fashionistas!  Designer Deryck Todd launched his summer 2011 collection last night at the Christopher Henry Gallery in New York.  In addition to designing cool clothes, Todd also organizes the annual Bowie Ball which is held in New York every year.  Find out how you can own and wear these hot looks on Deryck Todd’s official website.

Deryck Todd

Hats by Deryck Todd

“Savage Beauty” by Alexander McQueen at the Met

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Photos by G.  Art by Alexander McQueen.

"Savage Beauty" by Alexander McQueen. Now showing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York through July 31, 2011

“Savage Beauty” by Alexander McQueen is not just the name of a retrospective of the late fashion designer’s wearable works of art and Haute Couture. “Savage Beauty” is a perfect two word representation of the life of an extremely creative artist whose life was cut short when he committed suicide in February 2010.  Here’s a few things you should expect when you go see “Savage Beauty” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York:  you’ll most likely experience a minimum of an hour long wait to get inside the exhibit (which is beyond worth the time investment).  You’ll also see 6 galleries (The Romantic Mind, Romantic Gothic and the Cabinet of Curiosities, Romantic Exoticism, Romantic Nationalism, Romantic Primitivism and Romantic Naturalism) filled with some of the most interesting and creative designs the fashion world has ever seen.  It’s no wonder that celebrities and musicians alike (such as Madonna, Lady Gaga and Bjork) wore outfits designed by Alexander McQueen.  The looks he created are unforgettable.

Savage Beauty

Not only are the fashions he designed mind-blowing (from outfits made out of feathers, horsehair, metal, glass, fresh and fabric flowers, wood, razor clam and muscle shells) but the presentation of his works is also incredible.  Each room has a distinct (and equally spooky) vibe to it.  Clips of past runway shows appear on video screens that are sometimes shown encapsulated inside a large mirror box, sometimes shown as a wall projection and even appear on the ceiling on a large flat screen TV.  Sound effects of suffocation are ever present in each room as if to foreshadow McQueen’s death from asphyxiation.  It’s both savage and beautiful.

The "Armadillo Shoe"

If you are not in the New York area, you can see a couple of video tours of this incredible exhibit on New York Magazine’s website or on the official website of The Met. “Savage Beauty” by Alexander McQueen runs until July 31, 2011 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (located at 1000 5th Avenue in New York) and should not be missed under any circumstance.

"I find beauty in the grotesque, like most artists. I have to force people to look at things." - Alexander McQueen

An Encounter with Jay Manuel

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Photo by G.

Jay Manuel and G

Recently, I met make-up artist, fashion designer and model Jay Manuel.  Since I don’t watch TV, I learned that he also has been featured prominently on America’s Next Top Model as well as Canada’s Next Top Model.  He was super cool when I met him and as you can see from the above picture, he has wickedly cool hair!  I was doing some research on Jay Manuel when I noticed that every article I came across mentions that he’s openly gay.  Is that necessary?  Should these same sources comment when someone is openly straight?  Before I go off on a rant, let me just thank Jay Manuel again for being so cool!

Richard Avedon Fashion 1944-2000 Exhibit

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Turn to the left... turn to the right... Fashion!

Turn to the left... turn to the right... Fashion!

The legendary photographer Richard Avedon’s work is on display at the International Center of Photography located at 1114 Avenue of the Americas (at 43rd Street) from now until September 6, 2009.

The exhibit boasts about 190 works that include vintage prints, magazine layouts and archival material.  I really enjoyed this exhibit and if you are into fashion, supermodels and cool photography, you’ll enjoy this as well.

You can find out more about the exhibit here.

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