Q&A with Street Artist XVALA

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Photos courtesy of XVALA.

XVALA is not just a street artist.  XVALA is a tabloid artist.  His work focuses on pieces that address celebrity and popular culture.  If you live in Los Angeles or New York, there’s no way you have missed the “Fear Google” series that can be seen all over the streets of both cities.  I recently interviewed XVALA and at the conclusion of this article, if this doesn’t find you wanting to Google his Wiki, nothing will.


Xvala – Fear Google in Beverly Hills

According2G: Tell us a little bit about your background including how you got into street art?

XVALA: Street art is what it looks like when my Wikipedia page is put in an unsuspecting spot that anyone can stumble upon. Anything I do can get edited, vandalized or deleted.


Xvala – Fear Google Demi Moore

A2G: Who are your heroes/influences?

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Fear Google!

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Photo by G.  Art by Xvala.  Tag by Backfat.

Fear Google, Backfat

Fear Google, Backfat

Here’s something to fear:

In addition to the fact that it’s probably not necessary to have THIS much information at our fingertips, now that we’ve gotten used to it, a report from Google that was released today says that governments INCLUDING the United States have been asking for information (and/or videos on youtube) to be censored from Google searches.

As much as I dislike CNN for being a harbinger of propaganda in the opposite direction of progress, at least they are reporting this story (which means it’s probably 1000 times worse than they are saying!)

Here’s what I have to say about censorship – FUCK CENSORSHIP!

LA – Save the Date – Xvala Presents “The Kim Kardashian Party”

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Photo courtesy of Xvala.

The Kim Kardashian Party. March 17, 2012

Los Angeles.  Once in a lifetime does an event this epic come along, so whatever you are doing on March 17, 2012 – cancel it immediately because here’s where you need to be:  1460 Naud Street for Xvala’s “the Kim Kardashian Party.”

Here’s more on the event:

Fear Google artist XVALA will be exhibiting his latest collection of work created from trash found while “dumpster-diving” through the trash bins of Kim Kardashian. The Kim Kardashian Party exhibit will feature his latest sculpture of the celebrity’s emotionlessly deflated basketball and will be held at a rooftop event in Los Angeles this weekend.

“Slammed and Dunked,” a life-size fabricated sculpture of the basketball salvaged from the celebrity’s residential trash, was primarily inspired by Kardashian’s recent failed marriage to NBA star Kris Humphries and the questioned authenticity of their acclaimed marriage.

The sculpture was created out of a ‘recycled resin’ formulated from remaining leftover garbage that was also collected from the Kardashians’ trash bin. Also, a part of the collection is candid mobile phone self-portraits of the reality star that she took for Twitter and Instagram, which are backed with aluminum, also partially recycled from her personal garbage. “By deleting everything that reveals who she really is, Kim Kardashian actually reveals her true self,” said XVALA, “You can always learn something about someone by looking at their garbage, and Kim produces a lot of garbage.”

The Karsdashian trash sculpture is the latest installment in a series of work created from the dumpster-diving of tech icons and celebrities worldwide in order to retrieve information and material in support of XVALAs vision. Through this process, XVALA has become a local hero for tech junkies due to his recent coverage and success in the media for dumpster-diving Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Apple’s Steve Jobs, who passed away a day after the release of his personal trash.

XVALA is an American artist whose stated goal is to “disappear from the Internet.” His “Fear Google” sticker (first appearing in Silicon Valley and now appearing nationwide) is the first street art sticker designed for the “Post-PC Era.” It launched in 2010, the same year as Apple’s iPad and other Post-PC devices. XVALA‘s street works, paintings, sculptures, drawings, and Internet ideas point to society’s growing inability to disconnect from the Internet.

The upcoming The Kim Kardashian Party rooftop event is located 1460 Naud St. Los Angeles, CA 90012. The event is curated by Wil Atkinson and JB Jones of The Site UnScene. The Site UnScene works and promotes artists in the Los Angeles area in new and unique ways.

The Candy Factory All-Stars

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Photo by G.  Various Artists.

Candy Factory All Stars

Candy Factory All Stars

First off, someone sure hates the band Odd Future (also known as Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All).

But onto happier news, look at BluDog10003, Insurgency Inc., Fear Google, Bankrupt Slut and Jose’!

Stay Up!

Fear Google at Canter’s

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Photo by G.  Art by XVALA.

Fear Google at Canter's

Fear Google at Canter's

Here’s a few things you might want to fear at Canter’s on Fairfax:

1. Fear Google

2. Fear old ladies with blue hair serving you food

3. Fear indigestion and/or food poisoning

4. Fear how on earth they could bring out your food that fast when you ordered something complicated.

5. Fear that parking lot in the back.  Those drivers are nuts!

If you’ve never been to LA before, you probably have no idea what I am talking about.  So that brings us back to point number 1.  Fear Google!

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