An Encounter with Sleigh Bells

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Photos by G.

Alexis Krauss of Sleigh Bells and Geoffrey Dicker

Alexis Krauss of Sleigh Bells and G

I love it when the local band becomes huge.  And that is the case for Brooklyn-based noise pop band Sleigh Bells.  The band has been around for just about 3 years and by the end of the weekend, they are poised to be superstars!  Sleigh Bells performed a sold out show for the 3000 person capacity Terminal 5 and tonight, they will be performing on Saturday Night Live!  Alexis Krauss and Derek Miller were so cool when I chatted with them and I wished them even greater success than they’ve already achieved. And now I am saying it in print!  Best of luck Sleigh Bells!  I heart thee!

Derek E Miller of Sleigh Bells and Geoffrey Dicker

Derek E. Miller of Sleigh Bells and G


An Encounter with Maurizio Cattelan

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Photos by G.  Art by Maurizio Cattelan.

Maurizio Cattelan - All

Maurizio Cattelan - All

Spanish artist Maurizio Cattelan is having quite a year.  His recent (and possibly final) exhibit “All” recently closed at the Guggenheim Museum in New York and it was quite a spectacle.  Rather than place the objects of the exhibit on the walls, Cattelan did something completely outside of the box (so to speak).  His art was suspended from the ceiling of the Guggenheim!  Like most people that saw “All,” I spent most of the time wondering how in the world they pulled that off.  There were, I’d estimate, close to 100 objects and many of them looked extremely heavy.  The band MGMT was so moved by the exhibit, they wrote a 40 minute piece of music which was performed only twice when the exhibit was showing last year.  Maurizio was out and about on a night of art openings and I met him.  We had a very funny encounter.  We were at an extremely crowded Marilyn Minter opening and a crowd had gathered outside to get some fresh air.  Unfortunately, it was raining so we had to retreat in a vacant parking lot next door.  When I asked Maurizio for a photo he happily obliged and then joked that he was unable to stand still.  He was not having it any other way, which was amusing to me as that was a first for me in all my artist/rock star encounters – and you know that I’ve had hundreds!  Considering the circumstances, I got a pretty decent photo, I’d say.

Maurizio Cattelan and Geoffrey Dicker

Maurizio Cattelan and Geoffrey Dicker

Thanks for mixing it up Maurizio!

Maurizio Cattelan - All

Maurizio Cattelan - All


Video: “Evil” by Interpol at Radio City Music Hall

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Video by G.

Radio City Music Hall is a tricky venue.  The legendary hall is so huge and cavernous that it’s hard to have a great seat at the venue.� I was sitting in the 12th row for Interpol on February 17, 2011.  Between dodging people leaving their seats to get cocktails and people dancing to the dark rock of Interpol, sight lines can vary.  Regardless, I thought the show was great and I am already having Interpol withdrawal.  If you are too, hopefully this video of “Evil” (aka Rosemary) will help cure your Interpol blues.  I doubt this video will win any awards for sound and picture, but hey, it’s better than nothing!  Enjoy!

Interpol live at Radio City Music Hall

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Photos by G.

Interpol RCMH

Paul Banks of Interpol

On February 17, 2010, New York’s Interpol played their hometown show at the legendary Radio City Music Hall.  I’ve seen Interpol twice in concert before (on a loading dock and in a parking lot) and this was my first experience seeing a full-length show.  It was worth the wait!  Interpol rocked!  My Interpol experience began by meeting lead singer Paul Banks before the show and not only was he super cool but he remembered meeting me in Los Angeles!  Talk about a fan’s dream coming true!  New Yorker’s School of Seven Bells opened the show around 8 pm with a rousing 40 minute set.  I’ve seen them perform acoustically, so it was cool to see them plugged in.  Interpol hit the stage around 9:20 pm and every song in their 19 song set was a fun audience sing-a-long. The band had really cool lighting that flashed and changed colors during the songs.



Both the band and the audience were extremely happy to be reunited.  Highlights included “Say Hello To The Angels,” “Evil,” “Obstacle 1,” “NYC,” “Not Even Jail,” “Barricade” and a rare inclusion of “Rest My Chemistry.”  Interpol is a band that changes their set every night and it’s such a rare thing these days, it makes them even cooler in my eyes!  Towards the end of the show, a female fan ran on stage and gave Paul Banks a hug.  She was chased off the stage by a security guard milliseconds later.  I’ve never been let down at an Interpol show and tonight was no exception.  A video of “Evil” will be coming soon, so please be patient.

The setlist was:

Success / PDA / Evil / Hands Away / Barricade / Rest My Chemistry / Narc / Say Hello To The Angels / Lights / Summer Well / Stella Was A Diver And She’s Always Down / NYC / The Heinrich Maneuver / Memory Serves / Obstactle 1


The Lighthouse / The New / Slow Hands / Not Even Jail

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