According2g has been Dlisted!

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According2g has been Dlisted!

March 25, 2010 has been a whirlwind day for me.  As my faithful readers already know, I work really hard to provide worldwide exclusive content to this site each and every day.  To my new readers, I’d like to welcome you to my wacky world.  Come along for the ride.  I’ll do my best to make you discover new things both in the art and music world, with lots of creative randomness thrown in.

One of my favorite websites, liked my story on the exclusive pictures I posted from Iggy Pop’s final stage dive so much, they linked to my site and it increased both blog traffic and sales of my abstract poetry/maxims book “Sketches Of Verbal Alchemy” (which can be purchased on in either book or Kindle format, since we’re on the topic), in astronomical proportions. I am in deepest gratitude to them and I’d like to publicly say thank you.

I’d also like to thank all of you, my readers for believing in your dear old G and giving me a reason to continue.  The world is going to hell in a handbasket and this all goes to show, when you say and do positive things even in the worst of situations, good things can happen!

As you all know, my ultimate goal is to take over the world, so I can give it back to the people.

With deepest gratitude and love,


Iggy Pop Retires from Stagediving

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Photos by G.

When I saw Iggy Pop perform at Carnegie Hall recently, I knew it was a historic rock and roll moment, but until today, I had no idea that I was to witness his final stagedive ever! NME has reported that after making a pretty horrible fall at the legendary venue, he has decided that his days of stage diving are over.  The pictures you are about to see do not live up to the highest standard that I usually provide, but since they are now a piece of history, I thought I’d share the final moments of Iggy Pop stagediving with you.  The action happened so quickly and was so shocking, I could barely believe my eyes.

Some back story:  The crowd decided to rush the stage at Carengie Hall (and watching security totally freak out was worth the price of admission on its own), and Iggy decided to dive into the crowd.  The dive did not go as well as planned as there was hardly any space between the stage and the first row of seats.  However, Iggy being the amazing performer he is, rebounded in just a few seconds and was back on stage in a blink-and-you-missed-it moment.

See pictures of Iggy Pop’s final stage dive after the jump.

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