Los Angeles – Save The Date: Alec Monopoly Solo Show at Lab Art

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Photo courtesy of Lab Art.

Alec Exhibit at Lab Art

Alec Monopoly Exhibit at Lab Art.  Opens March 14, 2013

Los Angeles!

Get ready for a very special night!  Alec Monopoly’s first solo show in Los Angeles will be opening at Lab Art on March 14, 2013.  Alec’s had shows all over the world including “Alec Pass Go,” his first show in New York and you know that he will do it up right for his LA solo debut.  Coupled with the fact that Lab Art is one of the coolest galleries in the United States, this is going to be a night you will not want to miss.  There’s a good chance you’ll see me at the opening, so make sure you give me some Los Angeles love!

RSVP to info@labartgallery.com and save this date:

March 14, 2013 from 7 – 10 pm.

Lab Art is located at 217 South La Brea in Los Angeles.

I’m refraining from all Monopoly related puns in this space (you’re welcome), so just make sure you attend!  🙂


LA: Save The Date – “Matter of Time ” exhibit by Gregory Siff

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Photo courtesy of Gregory Siff.

Matter of Time by Gregory Siff at Gallery Brown in Los Angeles. Opens October 20, 2012.

Hey LA!  Make sure you reserve October 20, 2012 for the opening night reception of artist Gregory Siff’s latest exhibit “Matter of Time.”

Opening night will take place at Gallery Brown, located at 140 South Orlando in Los Angeles from 6 – 8 pm pn October 20, 2012 and the show will run through November 10, 2012.

Tell them G sent ya!

NYC: Save The Date – “RePrint” at Hendershot Gallery

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Photo courtesy of Hendershot Gallery.


"Reprint" at Hendershot Gallery in NYC. Opens May 23, 2012.

New York!  If you’re a lover of street art, you’re not going to want to miss this all-star exhibit.  Here are the details:

The Hendershot Gallery (located at 195 Chrystie Street) is showing “RePrint” featuring the work of Anthony Lister, ASVP, Chris Stain, Clown Soldier, Gaia, Gilf!, Icy & Sot, Imminent Disaster, Judith Supine, Know Hope, Labrona, Paul Insect, Other and many more.

The opening night reception will be May 23, 2012 from 6 – 8 pm.

See you there!

LA – Save the Date: “The Usual Suspects” at Lab Art

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Photo courtesy of Lab Art.

The Usual Suspects

The Usual Suspects

Los Angeles!  Don’t even think of missing this event!

Lab Art is celebrating their 1 year anniversary (and CONGRATS!) with a very special exhibit entitled “The Usual Suspects.” The opening reception will be held on May 19, 2012 from 7 – 10 om.  RSVP to rsvp@labartgallery.com

“The Usual Suspects” will feature art from Alec Monopoly, AJL, DD’$, Cyrcle, Thank You X, Destroy All Design, Mar, Felix, Kai, Desire Obtain Cherish, Kai, Cali Killa, Gregory Siff, Louis XXX, Chad Muska, KH Number 7, Septerhed and Dog Byte.

If you’re regular readers of this site, you are well acquainted with all of these artists, so you know that you cannot miss this exhibit!  I will not be able to be at the opening night reception (which kills me!) but I will be in LA to see the exhibit before it closes so stay tuned for pictures!

Congratulations to all the great artists participating and congratulations to Lab Art and we wish them all continued success!

LA – Save the Date – Xvala Presents “The Kim Kardashian Party”

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Photo courtesy of Xvala.

The Kim Kardashian Party. March 17, 2012

Los Angeles.  Once in a lifetime does an event this epic come along, so whatever you are doing on March 17, 2012 – cancel it immediately because here’s where you need to be:  1460 Naud Street for Xvala’s “the Kim Kardashian Party.”

Here’s more on the event:

Fear Google artist XVALA will be exhibiting his latest collection of work created from trash found while “dumpster-diving” through the trash bins of Kim Kardashian. The Kim Kardashian Party exhibit will feature his latest sculpture of the celebrity’s emotionlessly deflated basketball and will be held at a rooftop event in Los Angeles this weekend.

“Slammed and Dunked,” a life-size fabricated sculpture of the basketball salvaged from the celebrity’s residential trash, was primarily inspired by Kardashian’s recent failed marriage to NBA star Kris Humphries and the questioned authenticity of their acclaimed marriage.

The sculpture was created out of a ‘recycled resin’ formulated from remaining leftover garbage that was also collected from the Kardashians’ trash bin. Also, a part of the collection is candid mobile phone self-portraits of the reality star that she took for Twitter and Instagram, which are backed with aluminum, also partially recycled from her personal garbage. “By deleting everything that reveals who she really is, Kim Kardashian actually reveals her true self,” said XVALA, “You can always learn something about someone by looking at their garbage, and Kim produces a lot of garbage.”

The Karsdashian trash sculpture is the latest installment in a series of work created from the dumpster-diving of tech icons and celebrities worldwide in order to retrieve information and material in support of XVALAs vision. Through this process, XVALA has become a local hero for tech junkies due to his recent coverage and success in the media for dumpster-diving Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Apple’s Steve Jobs, who passed away a day after the release of his personal trash.

XVALA is an American artist whose stated goal is to “disappear from the Internet.” His “Fear Google” sticker (first appearing in Silicon Valley and now appearing nationwide) is the first street art sticker designed for the “Post-PC Era.” It launched in 2010, the same year as Apple’s iPad and other Post-PC devices. XVALA‘s street works, paintings, sculptures, drawings, and Internet ideas point to society’s growing inability to disconnect from the Internet.

The upcoming The Kim Kardashian Party rooftop event is located 1460 Naud St. Los Angeles, CA 90012. The event is curated by Wil Atkinson and JB Jones of The Site UnScene. The Site UnScene works and promotes artists in the Los Angeles area in new and unique ways.

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