Bankrupt Slut

Posted by The G on August 24, 2010 under Street Art | Comments are off for this article

Photo by G.  Art by Bankrupt Slut.

Bankrupt Slut

The other day, I Googled the terms “bankrupt slut,” as one often does and my site came up!  Zoinks!  I think I might have to send this post into Dlisted as they often feature a “hot slut of the day.”  The image by artist Bankrupt Slut deserves to be splashed across their pages.  It appears that Bankrupt Slut hails from Los Angeles, so when I am out there in a few weeks, I’ll be looking for this Bankrupt Slut in amongst the others that are not street artists.

Bankrupt Slut combo (featuring Fool's Gold and Dint Wooer)

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