Auto-Tune Perfume by Rihanna

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Reb'l Fleur by Rihanna

How much do you want to bet that RiRi’s perfume smells like wee-wee? Rihanna’s new fragrance “Reb’l Fleur” is likely to be the auto-tune of the perfume industry.  If this scent is anything like her music, I’ll bet it stinks.

The testimonials for the perfume have come flooding in and one person said “It’ll make you reconcile with your lover even if he beats the shit out of you.”

Have you smelled “Reb’l Fleur?”  I haven’t, but something about it is fishy to me.

Want to Smell Like Katy Perry?

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Purr by Katy Perry - Out Now

I thought this was a joke when I walked by this sign the other day!  Obviously since I don’t think Katy Perry has any talent, it was low on my priority list to research this image.  Well, sure enough, it’s true.  You can smell like Katy Perry.  “Purr” by Katy Perry is available exclusively at Nordstrom.  That store doesn’t exist in Manhattan so it makes perfect sense there are adverts for it plastered across the city.  I haven’t had a chance to smell the scent, but I am willing to bet it smells like tuna.  If you take off the double Rs, from “Purr,” what are you left with? P.U.

Want To Smell Like Tuna?

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Kim Kardashian's New Fragrance - Tuna. Available at Sephora.

Have you ever eaten a can of tuna and said “gee, I wish I could smell like this all day long?”  Well now is your chance!

The non-talented, non-celebrity Kim Kardashian has a new fragrance out that is available at Sephora.  From the poster it looks like the perfume is called “KK” but I am just going to call it “Tuna.”

Have you smelled it?  Tell us your thoughts, fishy or not!

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