In the Studio with Artist Frank Lind

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Photos by G.  Art by Frank Lind.

Inside the studio with Frank Lind!

One of the greatest things about this blog is that I am extremely fortunate to attend really cool events and meet all kinds of interesting people.  My version of paying it forward is sharing these cool experiences with you in hopes that you discover or rediscover something that makes you smile.  With that being said, I was very lucky to visit the studio of American artist Frank Lind. When I was first exposed to Frank Lind’s paintings, I was immediately in love and when I toured his studio, I had to pick my jaw up off the floor several times.

Frank Lind makes paintings that are both beautiful and enormous.  He draws his inspiration (literally) from juxtaposing peace in the midst of chaos and his results make you want to dive into the center of the calming worlds he creates.  Numerous times during my visit to his studio, I saw a work that took my breath away and time and time again, he said “that’s just a study for a larger work!”  Wow!  While he sometimes uses photos for inspiration, more often than not, he relies on his feelings of tranquility from being immersed in the beauty of Mother Nature.  You can see more of his fantastic seascapes series here.  Before my visit to his studio, I never had the chance to ask an artist I admire about their technique.  To the casual observer, we often see the finished work without knowing the thought that goes into each piece.  Frank Lind showed me some of his geometrical drawings he creates in tandem with these works to get the perspective just right and as you can see from the below painting, the planning pays off in spades!

Gorgeous art from the mind of Frank Lind.

Frank Lind does not just create seascapes, landscapes and beautiful vistas.  He also does portraits and they are equally as amazing.  As one of the images contains nudity, please proceed to more work from Frank Lind after the jump.

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