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Photos by G. Art by Don Porcella and Ben Van Netten, respectively.

Don Porcella!

I was so excited when I visited the Claire Oliver Gallery in New York the other day for two reasons:  first, one of my favorite artists, Don Porcella has a new work on display and second, the new exhibit “Six Degrees of Separation” is now showing.  Long time readers of this site (aka the coolest and hippest people on earth) are already familiar with Don Porcella’s work.  In addition to his encaustic paintings, he makes art out of pipe cleaners!  It might be hard to tell from the above image, but a large bird is clutching a rat (that is the artist).  I hate to spoil it, but I’ve met the artist and he is anything but a rat!

If and When by Ben van Netten

On the main floor of the Claire Oliver Gallery through November 13, 2010 is a cool exhibit called “Six Degrees of Separation: A New Generation of Canadian Artists.”  The exhibit, guest curated by Noah Becker, bridges the gap between the disparate worlds of Eastern and Western Canadian art and nudges the New York art scene to pay attention to the works from our northern neighbors.  The art in this exhibit is diverse and features work from Graham Gillmore, James Nye, Alex McLeod, Frank Torng, Angela Grossmann, Ben van Netten, Trevor Guthrie, Noah Becker, Attila Richard Lukacs, and Catherine Heard.  Don’t miss it!

P.S.  According2g.com will be in all purple text today to remember the lives of those teens who committed suicide due to being bullied because they are gay.  Please take a moment to infuse a little more tolerance in your life today and forever more.

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