G interviews Singer/Musician J.J. Vicars

Posted by The G on August 1, 2010 under G Interviews | Read the First Comment

Photos courtesy of J.J. Vicars.

JJ Vicars

J.J. Vicars is a singer and musician who has mastered musical styles from Blues and Jazz to Latin, Soul, Pop, Country and Psychedelia.  He has played shows around the world and when he’s not touring, he keeps his plate overflowing by working on numerous recording projects simultaneously including The Hillbilly Resistance, a rockabilly trio that Vicars is a member of;  Longhaired Leftovers,  a collection of previously unreleased tracks;  a currently untitled EP that Vicars describes as his  most experimental work yet,  and  “Long Way From Home,”  which is scheduled for release in early 2011.  I interviewed J.J. Vicars via email and you can read that interview after the jump. Read more of this article »

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