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Photo courtesy of Nikka Costa.

"Pro*Whoa!" by Nikka Costa. Out June 21, 2011

Good news for music lovers!  The funky white bitch, Nikka Costa is back!  Nikka has recently made her long overdue return to the stage performing with Prince and she’s going to be touring the US in June and July 2011 (see dates below).  If you’ve never seen Nikka live, I cannot urge you strongly enough to see her.  I have lost count of how many times I’ve seen her perform and I am not kidding you when I tell you that leaving her show is the equivalent of having a religious musical experience.  If you don’t know her music, imagine the sound of  what you’d get if James Brown and Janis Joplin had a baby!  Her EP “Pro*Whoa! is set to be released on June 21, 2011 on Nikka’s own Gofunkyourself Records.  This EP will be the first in a series of releases from Nikka so stay tuned to Nikka’s official site for updates.  Nikka has also launched a YouTube channel called Nikka’s Box and she has posted intimate performances with collaborations from performers such as Adam Lambert.  I have been fortunate enough to receive an advanced copy of the EP and I’ll give you some brief descriptions of the songs in order to whet your appetite until June 21 rolls around.

“Head First” – The EP opens with a breathy mid-tempo track that fans of “Fooled Ya Baby” from “Can’tneverdidnothin'” will enjoy.  The song is 5 and a half minutes in length.

“Never Wanna C U Again” – This song has a drum and bass feel to it and will surely get you up out of your seat and groovin’.  The chorus is “Baby baby / I never wanna c u again / say you’ll love me till the end / but I don’t care.”  Backing vocals are provided by Nikka and the track is an early favorite.

“Nylons in a Rip” – She had me at the lyric “trying to grow flowers in your bullshit.”  The song is mid-tempo with a hand-clap beat.  The chorus is rockin’ and will give you the flavor of “Hope it Felt Good” from “Everybody Got Their Something.”  You can download this track for free (for a limited time) on Nikka Costa’s Facebook page.  This will definitely be a fun song to hear live.

“Pro*Whoa” – The lyrics are spoken really fast over a fast beat and she advises “this is Jimi, this is Janis / if you don’t know who that is / go home to your mama and ask her to school ya.”  Nikka fans old and new are going to love this song!  She’s a pro. P. R. O., whoa!

“Stuff” – This is the most radio friendly single on the EP, according2g.  It’s doo-wop meets funk in that way that is uniquely Nikka.

“Chase The Thrill” – “Pro*Whoa!” closes out with a mid-tempo track.  There’s a ethereal breakdown in the middle of the song complete with a string section!

Fans of Nikka are going to love this album as she explores new territory while still reminding listeners why they fell in love with her in the first place.  Right as the EP ends, I am already wishing for more songs, but I’m looking forward to getting another fix of Nikka this summer when she tours.  She is definitely a P-R-O, Whoa!

Nikka Costa’s Summer 2011 tour dates are:

15- Las Vegas, NV- Book & Stage at The Cosmopolitan
16- Las Vegas, NV- Book & Stage at The Cosmopolitan
17- Las Vegas, NV- Book & Stage at The Cosmopolitan
18- Las Vegas, NV- Book & Stage at The Cosmopolitan
22- San Francisco, CA- The Independent
23- West Hollywood- The Roxy
24- San Diego, CA- Anthology
25- Hermosa Beach, CA- Saint Rocke

13- Philadelphia, PA- World Café Live
14- New York, NY- Highline Ballroom
15- Cambridge, MA- Middle East Upstairs
16- Baltimore, MD- Artscape Festival
17- Vienna, VA- Jammin Java

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