Group Graff at Dorian Grey Gallery

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Photos by G.  Various Artists.

A photograph of BEAU's tag over a Mr. Brainwash by Mares.

The “Group Graff” show at Dorian Grey Gallery in New York is both interesting and perplexing all at the same time.  As an avid lover of street art, it’s always great to see works in person by Banksy and Keith Haring.  Mixing those legendary names with some relatively unknowns who are allegedly making an impact on the street scene (at least according to the press release), was a bit confusing to me.  Keep in mind, I enjoyed seeing the art and would recommend this exhibit to fans of street art, but in some cases, a cropped photograph of a graffiti tag is more expensive than purchasing an original work of art from the actual street artist!

Group Graff - Keith Haring

Group Graff - Keith Haring

Did the curator just happen upon a stack of street art and decide to launch an exhibit or was there more thought involved?  That’s for you to decide.   I think that putting a work of art by Banksy and one by imitator Hanksy in the same room is a crime!   If you need help curating next time, please give me a call!  An international fan base of readers will agree that I know what I am talking about!

Group Graff - Jeremy Penn

Group Graff - Jeremy Penn

The artists featured in the show are: Keith Haring, LA 2, Futura, Richard Hambleton, COPE 2, & CRASH, Bansky and DOLK, XAM, SeeOne, Penn & AVone.

“Group Graff” runs until May 16, 2012 at Dorian Grey Gallery in New York (located at 437 East 9th Street at Avenue A).

Futura by OCMC

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Photo by G.  Art by Oh Captain My Captain.

Futura by OCMC

Futura by OCMC

A street artist is the subject of street art.  Now there’s a concept!

“Art In The Streets” at MOCA

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Photos by G.  Various Artists.

Any Person Found Painting Graffiti on These Premises Will Be Reported - To The Nearest Art Dealer by Banksy.

Prior to the opening of the “Art In The Streets” at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, there was a lot of controversy surrounding the exhibit.  MOCA’s Jeffrey Deitch ordered the removal of a mural he sanctioned, the final list of included artists was missing many legends in street art and many artists were getting busted by police.  I had mixed feelings going into the exhibit but from the second I set foot until the moment I left, all I can say is that if you are a fan of street art or graffiti, you cannot even think about missing this exhibit.

Keith Haring

First off, the “Art In The Streets” exhibit is enormous!  There are approximately 65 sections featuring different periods and artists in this urban movement and each portion is more amazing than the one before it.  Alleyways and the influential New York art space Fun Gallery have been recreated, large scale murals are featured everywhere, and there are photos, paintings, sculptures and films throughout the exhibit.  This is in fact one of the rare instances where the catalog of the show is worth getting.  Ironic, since they allow photography (without the use of flash) inside the museum.  Typically, museums will not allow photos so that you will buy the book, but I will certainly mention this exhibit the next time I enter a museum and they try and stop me from taking pictures.

Fun Gallery

Some of the artists that are prominently featured are Rammellzee, Kenny Scharf, Keith Haring, Banksy, Jamie Reid, Crash, Futura, Lady Pink, Fab 5 Freddy, Martha Cooper, Henry Chalfant, Lee Quinones, Roa, Eine, Craig Stecyk III, Gusmano Cesaretti, Retna, Chaz Bojorquez, Invader, Shepard Fairey, Swoon, Ed Templeton, Kaws, Larry Clark, Craig Costello, Terry Richardson, Mark Gonzales, Cheryl Dunn, Neckface, Freedom, Andre, Os Gemeos, Mister Cartoon, Saber, Revok, JR and so many more!  You will definitely need several hours to attempt to take it all in.

Os Gemeos

 “Art In The Streets” is on display until August 8, 2011 at the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA in Downtown Los Angeles and you should not miss it under any circumstance!

Partial view of "Art In The Streets" at MOCA

The Spray Paint Hall of Fame

LA: Save The Date – “Street Art Saved My Life”

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Photo by G.  Art by Sweet Toof.

I Toof New York

I Toof New York by Sweet Toof

Los Angeles.  Mark your calendar for an event you will not want to miss.

On August 12, 2011 at C.A.V.E. Gallery (located at 1108 Abbot Kinney Boulevard, Venice CA 90291), Brooklyn Street Art are presenting an exhibit entitled “Street Art Saved My Life:  39 New York Stories.”  The exhibit will feature 39 of New York’s most influential street artists.  The lineup includes:  Anthony Lister, Avoid, Broken Crow, C215, Cake, Chris Stain, Clown Soldier, Creepy, Dan Witz, El Sol 25, Ema, Faile, Futura, Gaia, Gilf!, Hargo, Hellbent, How & Nosm, Imminent Disaster, Indigo, Judith Supine, Kid Acne, Know Hope, Ludo, Mark Carvalho, Miss Bugs, Nick Walker, NohJColey, Over Under, Radical!, Rene Gagnon, Skewville, Specter, Sweet Toof, Swoon, Tip Toe, Troy Lovegate AKA Other, Various & Gould, and White Cocoa.

Don’t miss it!

Os Gemeos Mural is Complete!

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Photo by G.  Art by Os Gemeos.

Congratulations to the twins for another masterpiece!  You can see “The Giant Project” by Os Gemeos and Futura on 21st street between 8th and 9th Avenue in New York.

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