Review: Niki and The Dove and Twin Shadow live at Music Hall of Williamsburg

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Photos by G.

Twin Shadow

Twin Shadow

On September 28, 2012 Music Hall of Williamsburg presented another great double bill of music at the sold out Twin Shadow and Niki and The Dove show.  A day prior, the same lineup played the much larger (and also sold out) Webster Hall in Manhattan so it was a special treat to see this show in a smaller venue.  A lot has been said online about Twin Shadow, but I rarely believe what I read since most of the articles are written by bitter hipsters that are glorified interns with an axe to grind.

Twin Shadow

George Lewis Jr. aka Twin Shadow

With that being said, I think Twin Shadow (nee’ George Lewis, Jr.) is worth all the hype.  He struts around the stage with a confidence that reminded me of Prince several times and his songs have a familiarity in them, yet they are all original new wave/rock/pop compositions, save for the closing last song which was a cover of Queen and David Bowie’s “Under Pressure.”  For those wondering, it’s not an easy song to cover and yet, Twin Shadow owned it!  For some strange reason, the venue has gotten really anal about taking video at shows, so unfortunately this performance was not captured.  In addition to the great tunes, George Lewis Jr. talked about how awesome it was to be performing in Brooklyn, where he currently resides and before the night was over, he got the crowd doing many sing-a-longs and released multicolored balloons from the ceiling, which always makes for a fun concert!

Niki and the Dove

Niki and the Dove

But before Twin Shadow kicked some serious butt on stage, Sweden’s Niki and the Dove brought some catchy electro-funk to Brooklyn.  Niki and the Dove’s lead singer Malin Dahlström sounds like a perfect amalgam of Bjork, The Knife and Kate Bush and musically, their songs are upbeat and extremely catchy.  Performing mostly in the dark, but with cool spotlights and Malin’s light up (and also colorful) rings, Niki and the Dove won the crowd over immediately and there’s a good chance that some of their songs received louder applause than the headliner.  Niki and the Dove’s debut album “Instinct” is out now and if you like dance music, you will surely like this album.  It’s been on repeat rotation for me and I am liking it more with every play. I spoke with Niki and the Dove after the show and they will be back opening for Miike Snow, so you will not want to miss that show as it will also be a double bill of great music.

After the jump, see Twin Shadow’s set list as well as photos of my encounters with Twin Shadow and Niki and the Dove.

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Los Angeles: Save The Date 11/11/11 – “G.” by Gregory Siff

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Photos courtesy of Gregory Siff.

Gregory Siff - G

Gregory Siff - "G. The Solo Show With A Heart" coming 11/11/11.

Why oh why can’t I teleport myself to Los Angeles just for one day? This is G Power to the max, according2g!

My loss is your gain, Los Angeles!  Save this date:  11/11/11.  That’s easy enough to remember, right?!

the solo show with heart
by Gregory Siff
Debuting 11.11.11 at La Founderie (located at 1755 Glendale Blvd.) in Echo Park, California.

G. by Gregory Siff. Coming 11/11/11


Below you can read Gregory Siff’s thoughts on the exhibit, but before we get to that, check out Project G, an online event of show preparation with exclusive and intriguing insight into the artistʼs life as he prepares for launch of G. Project G. is designed to create and develop a new and unique relationship between art audience and art maker, in the aim of a creating a show that belongs to both, a show with ʻheart.ʼ


“To be a G is a term you earn. My father was a G, his name, George. Being a G means loving where youʼre from, your fam, your set. It means Giving back. Itʼs paying your dues. Itʼs being a brother, a friend, a true fighter in the most positive form of the word. It is standing up for who you are and what you believe in. When someone is described as a G, itʼs reserved for oneʼs with a high level of respect.

“This year, through art, many truths were unlocked. I had the privilege of laying down paint on walls that my heroes have before me, all across LA. Even painting with legends, The Seventh Letter, who truly embody what it means to be a G.” says Gregory of the meaning behind G. “This 7th letter of the alphabet, symbolizes the heroʼs journey in all of us, creating the best version of ourselves. Goals, Game, Greatness, Gratitude, Grace, Graffiti, Giant, Grounded, Gamble, Get, Give, Genuine, Golden, Green, Grand, God, Galaxy, Growth, Glory, Go!” -Gregory.

From one G to another, this looks Great and Gorgeous.  I’ve met Gregory before and I can tell you he is
a Great Guy who is Genuine and Gracious.  Go Gregory Go!

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