New Paintings & Sculptures by Alben

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Photos by G.  All art by Alben.

Luke Save The Queen by Alben

I had seen images of French artist Alben’s work online, but had never seen them in person. When I attended the gala opening of Alben’s latest exhibit “New Paintings & Sculptures,” at gallery nine5 in New York on October 14, 2010, I don’t think I was prepared for how cool his works are.  He marries the worlds of street art, graffiti, pop iconography, irony and humor in all of his paintings and sculptures.  As I toured gallery nine5, I found myself discovering more and more symbols in each piece and the more I uncovered, the more I fell in love.

Buste Inbox by Alben

In addition to wonderful paintings, there were equally awesome sculptural pieces filled with common objects from toys to silverware (as you can see above).  I spoke with the artist and I attempted to gush over how much I love his work.  He told me that his English was not very good, so it was hard for him to converse, so I pointed around the room and put my hand on my heart.  Alben cracked a big smile. If you are not in New York, you can see an online catalog of Alben’s work at this link.  If you are in New York, do not miss “New Paintings & Sculptures” which runs until October 29, 2010 at gallery nine5 and is located at 24 Spring Street.  Thanks to Alben for being a nice guy and creating wonderful art and also thanks to Rebecca at gallery nine5 for always being so welcoming and telling me the backstories on so many of the works.

See 2 more images from Alben as well as the artist himself, after the jump.

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Save the Date: Luca Bray at gallery nine5

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Photo courtesy of gallery nine5.

Save the date New Yorkers!  gallery nine5 has a great new exhibit starting on July 16, 2010.  Italian artist Luca Bray’s show “Nacio Alli – He Was Born There” looks amazing!  You can see a preview on gallery nine5’s website (link is above), but if you choose not to click over, let me just say that the works are extremely colorful and will be a treat for the eyes and senses.  Bray’s works are included in museums and private collections all over the world and I am very excited to see his works with my own eyes.  gallery nine5 is located at 24 Spring Street in New York.  See you there!

More Perfect by Sali Taylor

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Photos by G.  Art by Sali Taylor.

Neck(ing) (Scarlett Series) by Sali Taylor

American artist Sali Taylor has a cool new exhibit at gallery nine5 called “More Perfect.”  Sali Taylor is a “fauxtographer” that manipulates images of fashion and consumer culture and the results are a mixed media mirage of colorful delights.  On display at gallery nine5, you’ll see many works from Taylor’s popular Scarlett Series that cleverly juxtapose 5,000 years of feminine iconography from Venus De Milo to Scarlett Johansson!  At the gala opening for “More Perfect,” I was lucky enough to meet this wonderfully talented artist and I am happy to report she was extremely nice!  See a few more images from “More Perfect,” as well as a photo of my encounter with Sali Taylor after the jump.  “More Perfect” runs until June 25, 2010 at gallery nine5 located at 24 Spring Street in Manhattan.

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What’s new at gallery nine5?

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Photos by G.

Shit! by Francesco Masci

If you are in the New York area and you want to see something fun and exciting, today is your lucky day!  gallery nine5 located at 24 Spring Street has some really cool and unique art on display right now.  The gallery boasts a mixed media presentation of coolness from neon installation to photography and collage, with a specialization in Aboriginal painting.  As you can see above, Franceso Masci’s work entitled “Shit!” is anything but!  Vivid colors, social commentary and stunning visual imagery are prevalent themes in his paintings.  Before I show you two more of my favorite works (but there are dozens of others that are just as cool), I’d like to thank Rebecca Speer at gallery nine5 for taking the time to speak with me and giving me background information about these artists who are taking the art world by storm.  This current exhibit runs through June 9, 2010, so don’t miss your chance to see these great works!

See two more images after the jump including an erotic PVC and resin on acrylic Anime character and the always fabulous Amanda Lepore immortalized in a painting!

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