Not Equal

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Not Equal

From time to time, I like to live in a fantasy world where it’s ok to be yourself.  Whether you are a different color, nationality, sex, prefer to be with a member of the same sex�or if you are anything outside of “the norm,” in my version of a perfect world, everyone is treated equally.  On days like October 20, 2010 where people gay and straight have been invited to wear purple to celebrate the lives of those teens that committed suicide over societal pressure for being gay, I was really excited about spending the day with others in my little fantasy world.

I dressed in a purple Prince T-shirt, a purple sweatshirt and purple skinny jeans and headed to my first appointment of the day.  Walking through a Chelsea neighborhood, a New York neighborhood that is inhabited primarily by gays, I was literally shocked that in less than 5 minutes, not one but TWO people called me a faggot!

It takes a lot to offend me, so I of course carried on my merry way, but I have to say this type of behavior is UNACCEPTABLE!  Just when you think the fight is over and people are finally starting to get along – WRONG!  We are not equal and don’t fool yourself into thinking we are.  We’ve got a long way to go.  It’s really disappointing, but it shows where we are at as a society:  one that is about to crumble and fall because its people are too stupid to get over silly little prejudices and focus on more important things.

Casting directors, if you are listening – can we please have a reality TV show where all the haters are put into a giant stadium and they can all kill each other over their “I’m right and you’re wrong” belief systems.  I think the world would breathe a huge sigh of relief to be rid of so many assholes all at once.

Parents, teachers, students, preachers – please talk to one another about your silly prejudices and let’s get over them.  What can you do?  Stop reading gossip sites, stop spreading gossip, stop supporting huge corporations who are bullying small businesses out of business.  Support the underdogs!  We can never progress if we can’t even get along for simple things such as the color of our skin or who we prefer to be romantic with!  Everyone, famous or not, gay or not has the right to live their life in the same way you have every bit of the same right to live yours. If you don’t want your rights to be taken away, treat others as you want to be treated.  WAKE UP!

Gay people did not just show up 30 years ago.  We’ve been around since the beginning of time and we’re not going to go away.  We’ll continue to work it ESPECIALLY in the face of oppression, so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE try to be a little more tolerant than you were yesterday and practice this every day.

With love and tolerance,

G xx

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