If You Don’t Like Gay Marriage, Don’t Get Gay Married

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If You Don't Like Gay Marriage, Don't Get Gay Married

If You Don't Like Gay Marriage, Don't Get Gay Married

I can’t figure out what this great line has to do with a storage company, but I also don’t understand why people feel the need to have a piece of paper to legitimize their lives.

NYC Gay Pride 2011: What Freedom Looks Like (In Pictures)

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The Empire State Building on June 26, 2011

The 2011 New York Gay Pride parade had extra reasons to celebrate this year.  It was announced a few days ago that gays in New York legally have the right to marry. It was a day that many of us knew could and should exist, but it was a day many of us thought would never happen soon enough – if at all.  I consider myself to live outside the views of the masses at large and I sleep through the night knowing that I am no more wrong for doing the things I believe in as much as you are for doing the things you believe in.  It is with that thinking that it is crazy for me to think that it took until 2011 for another segment of the population to gain a few more civil rights!  I’ve always tried to surround myself with open minded people so at times I forget that not everyone has the pleasure of seeing some of truly great interactions with fellow members of the human race like I do where a chance encounter with someone you admire is nice right back to you, an experience you’ll treasure for the rest of your life and all because you stepped out of your comfort zone, showed up and took action in the opportunity you were presented with.  A week ago, I attended two events that in my opinion really show what being open minded is all about: The Mermaid Day Parade in Coney Island and the Folsom Street East Festival in Chelsea.  I bring it up because at both events, there was minimal security.  Everyone was just there to have a good time and really celebrate life with no judgments to people that are different than you are.  It was truly beautiful.  A week has passed and I cannot recall hearing any story of law breaking taking place at either event.

Gay Marriage is now legal in the state of New York.  Whether you are gay or straight, love gays or hate them – you cannot deny one thing – we know how to throw a fun party.  The Gay Pride parade is always a love fest of great ideas and freedom.  You can only imagine how what the anticipation for this day was now that it’s technically no longer wrong to love the person that makes you happy – by law!  I am only speaking for what I witnessed and the things I personally experienced as I go on further.  I only wrote this post because a lot of people will now become complacent now that a new law has passed and you think everything is fixed and all of our lives are magically going to get better.  It won’t!  It can only happen if we make it happen.  Yes we’ve made progress, but we have A LONG way to go and this will all be a lot less painful for everyone if we come to grips with it sooner rather than later – we are globally in desperate need for a lot of things to change.  If we can create all this fancy technology that can connect you to someone across the world in milliseconds, why can’t we imagine and work toward a possibility that there are enough resources for everyone on this planet.  Maybe you don’t want to experience that in your life time, but I do!  If there is one law that everyone follows, I’d like to see it be that one!  I am not trying to force any belief system down your throat.  I am just trying to use my voice to present another possibility.  I’d be a fool not to speak up.

Until that freedom is chiseled out of a rock that is staring us all in the face, you’ll see a few things I photographed equality to look like on June 26, 2011 around the Chelsea and Greenwich Village areas of Manhattan. In certain cases, I blocked out faces because it’s not about who is doing or not doing what.  What matters is we have the potential for true freedom and instead, fear and paranoia (and Iphones) are keeping us segregated so we don’t figure this out.

Do you know where your tax dollars go to?  You should since you pay them.  It’s usually a mandate in your job that if you plan on slacking off, you should probably seek employment elsewhere.  It stands to reason that money that I don’t really want to deduct from my check each week goes to pay for services that are not really being provided to me. From my coverage of street art for this site and a former experience of working in the realm of Wall Street, I think that the wrong people are being accused of doing criminal activity.  Obviously there are bad seeds in every bunch but the prejudice and fear of the unknown is really freaking people out to the point of being scared to open up to a new possibility.

There is nothing to be scared of.  What a person does in their bedroom is none of your business and if you have so little of a life of your own that you feel the need to get involved – that’s your problem.  As of press time (which is after 11 PM on the day of the Gay Pride Parade), I have not heard of any incidents where people were out of control at the parade and caused trouble.  I looked too!  I am not saying that everyone was a perfect angel, but as I said before, there are bad seeds in every bunch.  As I walked around the parade area, you’ll see some of the things I witnessed.  I saw a lot of people walking the streets having a good time, not interested in starting a problem.  I didn’t feel too free though.  Instead, I felt that one wrong move and me and “my people” (as I was referred to this weekend) would be headed for a beat down.  You can give me a crummy piece of paper that you think I need to vindicate my existence but let’s face it – I will never have the equality that a straight person has.  Because people can’t seem to get their act together, I accepted that a long time ago and I am not going to dwell on it and let it ruin my day. I am going to make the most of life and celebrate myself in the face of any challenge that comes my way.  All I can ask is that you do too. Every day, whether you are gay, straight or asexual.

Police line don't cross.

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It’s been less than 48 hours since gays have been given the “right” to legally marry in the state of New York.  I am certainly happy that this “law” has been passed because it’s certainly better than not having it.  I am just sickened that it’s 2011 for crying out loud and this is only as far as we’ve gotten as a society?  It’s taken all this time so that these corrupt politicians can give you a piece of paper vindicating your existence?! If we spent this type of energy on building solar powered bullet trains, for example, we could go from New York to Los Angeles and back in a couple of hours.  Yesterday I was out with a friend and we were congratulated several times on the street as well as asked “don’t you people have a parade this weekend?”  You people?!  Wow.

For the record, I’d like to state that I love myself and that is ALL that matters to me. It would certainly be nice if other people love me too, but if you have no love in your heart for me – so be it!  That’s your problem, not mine! I celebrate myself EVERY day and NOBODY will EVER tell me what is supposed to be important to me nor make me think I am a second class citizen because I am different than you are.  I recommend you do the same.  That’s the only way things will change.


Don’t Tread on Me Bitch!

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Don't Tread on Me Bitch

Don't Tread on Me Bitch!

It’s Gay Pride weekend in New York this weekend.  I guess I was taken off the mailing list because I thought it was last week.  I am all for gay marriage to pass and equality for all mankind and for Smokey The Bear to prevent forest fires, etc., but if you think that if gay marriage becomes legal in New York that gays are going to be treated equally, you’ve got another thing coming!  Sure on paper, there might be some tax breaks, but the people that have made gay marriage illegal will still continue to hate and resent you.  Cool people have always been cool and what matters to them is how you treat them when you spend time together, not what you do in private.  The only way there will EVER be equality for all humankind is the day we discover we are no longer on top of the food chain.  On that day, it won’t matter if you are black, white or flourescent pink or what you do in your bedroom.  What will matter is survival.  That’s what matters to me now and I am a survivor.  I celebrate myself every day and I don’t need some politicians to tell me it’s OK or not OK to have a piece of paper from the state I live vindicating my existence.

I implore you to do the same.

We’re Not Gonna Take It Anymore!

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Photo taken by a complete stranger.  Every other photo by G.

G marches for equality

G marches for equality

As you’ve probably heard by now, it was a sad day for equality and equal rights as the st-hate of California has upheld Proposition H8, and thus gay marriage is still illegal.

New Yorkers took to the streets and protested and your fearless leader G was among those who walked down Avenue of the Americas in the rain chanting “Gay! Straight! Black! White!  Marriage Is A Civil Right!”

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