10 Questions with SF Street Artist Jeremy Novy

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Art and photos courtesy of Jeremy Novy.


Lady Bear by Jeremy Novy, 2009

San Francisco based street artist Jeremy Novy is a pioneer in the Queer Street Art movement.  His in-your-face street art, which has featured (but is not limited to) drag queens, penises and homosexual imagery has made headlines across the country.  Novy funneled that attention into curating an exhibit called “A History of Queer Street Art,” which features some of the world’s most prominent gay, bisexual, lesbian, transgender, and a few straight street artists.  The exhibit recently concluded its run at SOMArts in San Francisco and I caught up with the reclusive artist to ask him a few questions.

 Pride Bears2009

Pride Bears, 2009

According2G:  How’s the street art scene in San Francisco and how are you treated by other artists in the scene?

Jeremy Novy: I moved to San Francisco specifically for the city’s love and acceptance for street art that is art other than letter graffiti. The city was lacking a stencil artist for a number of years and still has very few. The city sees my talent, yet some artists feel queer street art isn’t tough enough for the streets due to homophobia.

Pride Billboard, 2008

Pride Billboard, 2008

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QUEER: FROM ZERO TO A HUNDRED at Theater For The New City

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Photos by G.  Various Artists.

Scooter LaForge

Scooter LaForge

What a scene!  The opening night gala reception for the art exhibit “QUEER: FROM ZERO TO A HUNDRED” at the Theater for the New City in New York was insanely fun.  The exhibit features works from Scooter LaForge, Johnny Rozsa, Aaron Miller, Barnaby Whitfield, Pete Hocking, Julie Smith, Peter J. Ketchum, Ricky Longo-Burrows and Tracy Phillips.  The space is enormous, the art is great and the artists are so talented.  The Toilet Boys’ Miss Guy was spinning tunes all night and Johnny Rozsa and Scooter LaForge met fans and signed copies of their latest books “Untouched” (by Johnny Rozsa) and “Scooter LaForge” (by Scooter LaForge).  The reception was so crowded, I will have to go back to get a better look at the art.  In the meanwhile, please enjoy a few party pix.  Good news for all of us, the exhibit runs until August 9, 2011, so don’t miss it!  Theater for the New City is located at 155 1st Avenue in New York.

Johnny Rozsa

Johnny Rozsa

See a few party photos after the jump.

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Folsom Street East Festival 2011 – A Pictorial (NSFW)

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Photos by G.

The Folsom Street East Festival, 2011

Yesterday, June 18, 2011, I went to Coney Island’s Mermaid Day Parade. The theme is sea creatures and celebrates the beginning of Summer so people of all shapes and sizes dress however they want.  I go every year as it’s a one day festival where people are so free.  You see quite an eye full at the Mermaid Day Parade.  But by comparison to the Folsom Street East festival which was held a mere 24 hours later, the Mermaid Day Parade looked like Disneyland and my boundaries about what it means to be free have been pushed out a lot further.  It was really incredible.  Primarily a celebration of the gay leather/fetish/kink community, the festival brought out the good, the bad, the thin, the fat and the drop dead gorgeous.  Some people were dressed up in costumes, some were not, but one thing was abundantly clear – nobody was passing judgment on another’s sexual desires!  The event was really such an inspiration.  I hope more people can get their acts together to stop spreading hate and start spreading the love.  You can get involved at Open Love New York’s official website.  The photos that follow are a random sample of some of the things I saw today.  Again, it pushed my threshold of what I thought was being free to new levels and if these pictures offend you in any way, don’t you think it’s time you asked yourself why, when there are so many problems in the world, this kind of thing bothers you?  Some of the pix you’re about to see have partial nudity, so if you have a closed mind that you can’t pry open even for a few moments, don’t read on.  Also, stay tuned for a special “Folsom Street East” Hotties post coming soon!  Special thanks to all those that posed for me!

Folsom Street Fair

Folsom Street Fair (with Homo Riot Sticker in the background)

Code of Conduct. Click to enlarge!

I really enjoyed rule #4:  “Even with consent, no demo or “scene” involving blood or other fluids will be permitted.”

Open up and see more (NSFCMP – Not Safe For Closed Minded People) pix after the jump.

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Kings of Leon Vs. Glee

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Photo by G.

Caleb Followill and Geoffrey Dicker

Caleb Followill and G

I don’t even know how this has made the news, but it has.  The TV show “Glee” approached the band Kings of Leon to use their song “Use Somebody” in an episode of the show and the band declined the offer.  “Glee” creator Ryan Murphy has gone so far as to call the band homophobic and has also called them assholes for not licensing the song.  Never once has Ryan Murphy thought “well, maybe our show sucks ass and that’s why Kings of Leon and Slash have refused to let us use their songs.”  I’ve met Caleb Followill, lead singer of Kings of Leon, and as you can see from the above picture, he was glad to take a photo with a gay fan.  Dear Glee, keep the drama and the thinly written story lines on the screen!  Love, G.

An Encounter with Michael Lucas

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Photo by Hedda Lettuce.

G and Michael Lucas

Michael Lucas is a gay icon!  He went from starring in straight porn to building a gay porn empire.  He is the president and CEO of Lucas Entertainment, one of the largest adult film companies in the business.  He recently directed the most expensive gay porn movie ever made (Michael Lucas’ La Dolce Vita) and as you can see from the above picture, it’s no wonder why he’s made such a name for himself – the man is gorgeous!  He is also an activist for gay rights and has spoken out many times about the dangers of drug use and unprotected sex.  He was extremely nice as I met him on the streets of Manhattan, walking his dog.  He was with the also legendary Hedda Lettuce, who happily obliged to take the photo for me.  Thanks Michael and Hedda!

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