Gimmie Some by Peter Bjorn and John

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Gimmie Some by Peter Bjorn and John

I love Peter Bjorn and John!  What a nice surprise to find their new album “Gimmie Some” when I awoke this morning.  The record does not get released until March 29, 2011 and I debated waiting to listen to the 6th studio album from the Swedish alternative/pop stars but curiosity got the best of me.  I’ll be making the following comments as I listen to the album for the first time.

1. Tomorrow Has To Wait.  I love that the first lyric of the album is “I don’t think you are sorry for what you did.”  The song would not fit out of place on their last album “Living Thing.”  The verses have a nice beat and when the chorus kicks in, the sound becomes more full.  The song is definitely more rock than electro.  The song is about having fun now and not thinking about tomorrow.

2. Dig A Little Deeper.  Once again, this is more rock than electro.  I can definitely see this as a choice for a single as it has a catchy guitar riff and a funky breakdown in the middle.

3. Second Chance.  This song will appease the “Young Folks” fans, though once again the track has a nice rock over electro edge.  Peter Moren asserts “the second try is such a come down.”  So far, I am liking all the tracks.

4. Eyes.  Musically, “Eyes” has a variation on the “Bo Diddley” beat, so I can also imagine this as a single.  It’s very catchy.

5. Breaker Breaker.  This track has a fast garage rock sound and is reminiscent of songs from their first album.  He talks about getting his heart broken, and in return, he promises to break that person’s arm and nose!

6. May Seem Macabre. The song begins like a lost classic from the 80s.  Peter Moren pronounces the word “Macabre” as “mah-cah-bruh.”  Too cute!  Moren sings “it may seem macabre, but it’s beautiful.”

7. (Don’t Let Them) Cool Off.  A fast rocker.  I can see this as a single too.

8. Black Book. Another garage rock fast track. There are a lot of effects on the vocals and the chorus has some nice guitar work.

9. Down Like Me.  A slow track.  The opening notes to the song sound very anthemic, but I am not too crazy about this track.  Moren says in the track that “nobody brings him down like me.”

10. Lies.  The pace is picked up again, and we have another rockin’ uptempo number. Very garage rock.

11. I Know You Don’t Love Me.  This track is midtempo to finish off the album.  There are lots of fun riffs on the track, especially towards the end of the song.  The vocals are almost whispered until the chorus kicks in.  At 5:38, this is the longest track on the album.

For the PB and J fans hoping for another “Young Folks,” I think they might be disappointed by this album.  It’s possibly their most rock record to date and that’s a good thing for me.  I can imagine that due to the nature of the rockin’ tracks, this is going to be a fun record to see being performed live and when that day comes, I’ll be there!  Based on the cover and my enjoyment of the album, I have to give it 3 thumbs up!

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