Girl, I’m Gonna Fill You Up by Jose’

Posted by The G on February 7, 2011 under Street Art | Comments are off for this article

Photo by G.  Art by Jose.

Girl I'm Gonna Fill You Up

Girl I'm Gonna Fill You Up

I first discovered the art of Jose’ when I was in California over the holidays and I see that sexiness knows no boundaries.  Jose’s work has been spotted a lot in New York recently and it’s definitely heating up this never ending winter.

Not much is known about the mysterious Jose’ but you can read an interview he did recently with The Dirt Floor.  One of the things most fascinating about the interview is that Jose’ the street artist was inspired by singer Jose’ Jose’.  I wish I would have known this information when I met the singer years ago because he is a nice guy and I’m sure he’d be really happy to know that his music is so inspirational.  Since I didn’t get that opportunity, maybe one of you, my dear readers, can put the word out if you know him. How cool would that be to see Jose’ and Jose’ Jose’ get the chance to hook up.  I think it would be JoSexy! Let’s make this happen!

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