Glen Hanson Presents Galliano’s Spring 2011 Look

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Photo courtesy of Glen Hanson’s official website.

Galliano by Glen Hanson

Galliano by Glen Hanson

Fashion designer John Galliano recently went on an anti-semitic rant.  A video circulated of the Dior designer praising Hitler.  It shocked the fashion world and he was subsequently fired from Dior.  He even faces up to six months in jail for his remarks.  Clearly he won’t be working any time soon.  However, artist Glen Hanson has brilliantly come up with an idea for a potential Spring 2011 line.  Oh Em Gee!  For more details (and other fantastic images), visit Glen Hanson’s official website.

The Men of Sex and The City by Glen Hanson

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Photos by G.  Art by Glen Hanson.

The Men of Sex and The City by Glen Hanson

A few weeks ago, I told you about the amazing window displays of the women of Sex and The City by artist Glen Hanson at Jeffrey in New York (located at 449 West 14th Street).  They were so wildly popular that the men of Sex and The City are now featured!  From left to right, Harry Goldenblatt (Evan Handler), Steve Brady (Scott Eigenberg) and Smith Jerrod (Jason Lewis).  Mr. Big is not featured because the rumor is he couldn’t get off the couch to sit for a portrait.  While you are down at Jeffrey checking out these really cool displays, don’t forget to pick up your free limited edition postcard featuring the ladies of Sex and The City as interpreted by the marvelous mind of Glen Hanson.

Sex and The City at Jeffrey by Glen Hanson.

Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

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Photo by G.  Art by Glen Hanson.

The Golden Girls by Glen Hanson.

The above image of the Golden Girls by Glen Hanson has become an icon that is nearly as famous as the girls themselves.  The illustration has been featured on the cover of a book (The Q Guide to The Golden Girls by Jim Colucci), the viral video “Betty White Lines”  and just try to visit San Francisco, New York or Los Angeles without running into that image on a T-shirt!  Glen Hanson’s Golden Girls illustration has even been turned into a tattoo that looks pretty cool, according2g.  Today on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show, during a segment on “bad paid-for tattoos,” the image was featured giving the artist Glen Hanson no credit and no respect.  You can see the image here:

We’d like to give credit to the artist and we’d also like to challenge Ellen’s choices about what makes “bad art” especially as this is the same person who featured former President George Bush on her show after he made his feelings about the ban on gay marriage abundantly clear.

Ellen might not have your back Glen, but According2g does!  G power!

Sex and the City by Glen Hanson

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Photos by G.  Art by Glen Hanson.

Sex and the City by Glen Hanson

New Yorkers!  Head on over to Jeffrey on 449 West 14th Street in the Meat Packing District to see artist Glen Hanson’s latest creation: Sex and the City!  The Canadian artist is known for his iconic illustrations of some of the world’s best loved figures such as the Golden Girls and Joan Crawford (just to name a few) and he has designed album covers for Blink 182 as well as directing the really cool video for the Shiny Toy Guns’ “Ghost Town.”  You can see more images of Glen’s amazing work on his official website.

The displays will be up until the first week of June 2010, in honor of the upcoming release of Sex and the City 2 (which is released on May 27).  As if seeing these really cool displays�aren’t enough, while supplies last, you can get your very own collectible postcard featuring Glen’s full image of Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda – the ladies of Sex and the City!

See some more images of Glen Hanson’s iconic Sex and the City illustrations after the jump.

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Happy Mother’s Day!

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Photo by G. Art by Glen Hanson.

Happy Mother's Day!

According2g would like to wish a very happy day to all the mom’s out there. I’d like to also extend an extra special greeting to my mom (the coolest mom in the world) and my sister-in-law, a new but already fabulous mom! Love ya, ladies!

The picture above is an illustration of Joan Crawford (aka Mommie Dearest)crafted by one of my favorite artists, Glen Hanson. This image has become iconic and synonymous with the holiday it celebrates. Glen’s got a lot of amazing projects in the works, so keep checking his website for the latest news and more images from the amazing artist.

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