According2G’s favorite Grammy Moments

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Photo by G.

Pink live at Madison Square Garden, October 2009

The Grammy’s have long been synonymous with being dull as sh-t and the 2010 Grammy Awards were no exception.  Aside from a really cool opening number by Lady Gaga and Elton John and Pink’s exhilarating performance, the show was a paint by numbers affair.  The picture above is from Pink’s sold-out show last October at Madison Square Garden.  After performing an amazing 2 hour show, she closed with “Glitter In The Air” where she performed whilst being suspended in the air.  Truly perfection, According2g.

I don’t understand how Country Music performers, which have a separate awards show, constantly win awards in Pop music.  Queen of the World,Beyonce wins every kudo under the sun, yet her performances take no chances and they constantly leave me cold. Covering an Alanis Morrissette song and then not singing the “F-Word” as the original lyric states while being surrounded by storm troopers is a cop out!  I also take issue with anyone that has the word “Lil” or misspelled words in their moniker.  The Black Eyed Peas, who also seem to be fan favorites have some of the worst and indecipherable lyrics of all time.  We are clearly living in the catchy manufactured beat with no substance generation.

Multiple times in the telecast, it was announced that Bon Jovi would perform an audience favorite and they gave viewers a chance to vote on which song would be performed.  When the moment came, Bon Jovi performed 1 verse and 1 chorus of the chosen song – “Living On A Prayer.”  Seems like a lot of hype for nothing.

What were your favorite/least favorite moments?

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