Photos from Crocheted Painting to Shake Hands by Olek

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Photos and outfits by Olek.

The phrase “a picture is worth 1000 words” was created for photos like the ones you are about to see.  These photos will make much more sense if you read THIS POST first.  To briefly summarize, myself and 5 other performers wore body suits crocheted by artist Olek.  At the Brooklyn Art Festival, we performed a piece by Yoko Ono, where we communicated with strangers solely through handshakes.  As I mentioned before, this experience was truly amazing, extremely eye opening and I would like to thank Olek again for letting me be a part of it.  Also, if you can’t get enough of Olek’s amazing work, you can see her solo exhibit at the Christopher Henry Gallery (at 127 Elizabeth Street) called “Knitting is for Pus****” through October 17, 2010, and I highly recommend you check it out.

That's me!

That is me in this wonderful outfit you see above.  As the instructions in the Yoko Ono piece are written, we are to poke our hand through a canvas and communicate exclusively through shaking hands.

We were all situated in different locations and after the performance was over, we all reflected on similar experiences of how people reacted to us.  Overall, the general consensus was that children appeared to be untainted by the world and were the nicest to us.  Most adults tended to have a fear of the unknown and refused to shake our hands.  We were not pushy about it either.  We just stood in our respective locations ready and willing for any human interaction that would receive us.  It was pretty sad how many people were not interested or felt the need to try and make fun of us!  The joke is on the people that attempted to make a mockery out of us.  Also, we were at an art fair, where you’d think people would be more inclined to interact with performance art.  It would be very interesting to see the results of this piece being performed in various situations (like a park on a normal weekend day, in front of a school, in front of a museum).

On the Brooklyn Bridge!

See more photos after the jump.

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Olek and Yoko Ono Turn Me Into Art

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Photos by various artists.

G in a body suit crocheted by artist Olek.

On September 25, 2010, artist Olek provided me with one of the most interesting experiences I’ve ever had.  Yes, for those that read this site daily and see all the amazing things I am fortunate enough to take part in, that sounds unbelievable, but as you read on I will fill you in on some of the things I witnessed today.

10 days ago I checked out Olek’s really awesome exhibit “Knitting is for Pus****” at the Christopher Henry Gallery, which is still showing until October 17, 2010 and should not be missed, by the way.  I met Olek at the gallery and I had commented on how cool I thought the video installations are (that are being shown on the second level of the gallery) of people wearing bodysuits crocheted from head to toe that she designed and made.  She told me she’d let me know when the next performance would be and a few days later, she sent me the details:  performance to be held at the Brooklyn Art Fair.  I didn’t ask any questions and showed up at the agreed place and time.

Myself and 5 other performers were told the following:

– We had to leave our clothes (except underwear and shoes) and belongings behind [to be retrieved after the performance was over]

– We would be performing a piece from Yoko Ono’s book “Grapefruit” whereby we’d stand in various locations near the art fair – expressionless, with no talking.  We are allowed to communicate only by shaking hands (through a canvas) with anyone who came into contact with us.

– The performance would last for 4 hours.

Drill a hole in a canvas and put your hand out from behind. Receive your guests in that position. Shake hands and converse with hands. from "Grapefruit" by Yoko Ono.

Olek crocheted our heads on (literally) and off we went.

Artist Olek crochets the head onto a performer.

After the jump, read my reflections of this performance.

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