“Animals” and “Grids” by Ryan McGinley

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Photos of Ryan McGinley’s photos by G.

From "Animals" by Ryan McGinley

New art trend:  Why have one exhibit when you can have many exhibits?  Lately, I’ve been seeing the same artist having multiple exhibitions simultaneously at different galleries within the same city (and often a bonus exhibition in another city).  Photographer Ryan McGinley is riding on that curve as he’s got two exhibits in New York currently.  Team Gallery is hosting two separate exhibitions from McGinley – “Animals” and “Grids.”

From "Grids" by Ryan McGinley

“Grids” focuses on individual portraits of fans at concerts and “Animals” shows nude models posing with live animals!

After the jump, see a semi-Not Safe For Closed Minded People photo as well as my signature – a photo of me chatting with the artist!

“Grids” is showing at Team Gallery, located at 47 Wooster Street,  and “Animals” is showing at 83 Grand Street in New York.  Both exhibits run until June 2, 2012.

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