Flooded McDonalds

Posted by The G on February 21, 2010 under Artsy Fartsy | 2 Comments to Read

Photos by G.

Flooded McDonalds by Superflex

At the Peter Blum Gallery in New York’s Chelsea area, there are 3 films by the Danish collective known as Superflex showing from now until March 20, 2010.  My favorite of the 3 films is called “Flooded McDonalds.”  It’s a 21 minute piece that literally shows water seeping through a McDonalds until the entire place is submerged in water.  There’s no plot, but it sure gives your mind a lot to think about (from cinematic techniques to social commentary on the gluttony of the world).  The film makers reconstucted the interior of an actual McDonalds and they did such a great job, it’s hard to believe this was a set and not an actual establishment.  You can see some video footage of this incredible film here.

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