An Encounter With Elbow

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Guy Garvey (Lead Singer) of Elbow and Geoffrey Dicker

Guy Garvey (Lead Singer) of Elbow and G

You have no idea how much I love Elbow.  The 5 piece band from Manchester makes music that is epic.  It’s surprising to me that Elbow is not a household name in the USA, but I am doing my part.  Every time I play their music for people, they immediately go out and get all their records – and you should.  Their album “The Seldom Seen Kid” is easily one of my favorite albums of the 2000s.  Elbow announced a US tour before summer started and it was one of my most anticipated concerts of 2011.  It didn’t disappoint at all and in fact, I was overcome with emotion many times because I think their music is so beautiful.  It wasn’t all tears of joy; however, as lead singer Guty Garvey kept the audience laughing in between songs with really funny stories. I was fortunate enough to meet the band and I am beyond thrilled to report – they are all such nice guys!  Elbow – I consider meeting you one of the best belated birthday presents ever and thanks again for making music that has really made a positive impact on my life.  Thanks for being so cool and please come back to New York soon!

Craig Potter (Keyboards) Elbow and Geoffrey Dicker

Craig Potter (Keyboards) Elbow and G

Mark Potter (Guitar) Elbow and Geoffrey Dicker

Mark Potter (Guitar) Elbow and G


Pete Turner (Bass) Elbow and Geoffrey Dicker

Pete Turner (Bass) Elbow and G

Richard Jupp (Drums) of Elbow and Geoffrey Dicker

Richard Jupp (Drums) of Elbow and G

Thanks again Elbow!  I heart you!

Review: Elbow live at Terminal 5

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Guy Garvey of Elbow

Guy Garvey of Elbow

Manchester’s Elbow played a sold out show at Terminal 5 in New York, on September 25, 2011.  Before you read on, if you don’t know Elbow’s music, you are doing your ears a great disservice.  Their 2008 album “The Seldom Seen Kid” is a masterpiece, according2g and it ranks up there with my favorite albums of all time.  It’s been about 2 years since Elbow played in New York and I forgot how funny lead singer Guy Garvey is.  In between songs, he talks to the crowd, flirts with some of the pretty ladies in the front and tells funny anecdotes.  At the end of the show, he expressed his gratitude for getting the opportunity to play for us and even went so far as calling the 5,000 capacity venue a bunch of “lovely fuckers.”  Classic!  It was quite an emotional roller coaster for me because at times I was laughing and at times I was crying.  I just happen to think that so many of their songs are so beautiful – almost too beautiful to be real –  and hearing them live was a little to heavy for my emotions to take.



Aside from “Puncture Repair” and “Great Expectations” from their 2005 album “Leaders of the Free World,” Elbow stuck to playing songs off “The Seldom Seen Kid” and their latest album “Build a Rocket Boys!” From “The Seldom Seen Kid,” they played “Starlings,” “The Bones Of You,” “Mirrorball,” “Grounds For Divorce,” “Weather To Fly,” “The Loneliness of a Tower Crane Driver,” and “One Day Like This,” which was the epic final song of the night.  A video will be coming soon, so stick around for that.  From “Build A Rocket Boys!” they played “The Birds” “Lippy Kids,” “Neat Little Rows,” “The Night Will Always Win,” “The River” and “Open Arms.”  The band sounds fantastic, Guy Garvey’s voice sounds as great as it does on the albums and Garvey is so animated on stage.  He induced many sing-a-longs, arm waves from side to side and got the crowd to throw their hands in the air many times.  I am already having Elbow withdrawal and I hope they come back soon because they are absolutely sensational.  Thanks Elbow for an epic night!

Guy Garvey of Elbow

Guy Garvey of Elbow

See the set list after the jump.

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Elbow Announce Fall 2011 US Tour

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Guy Garvey of Elbow

I am SO excited!  Elbow just announced a US tour scheduled for the Fall of 2011.

09/18/11 – Austin City Limits, Zilker Park – Austin, TX

09/20/11 – Center Stage – Atlanta, GA

09/22/11 – 9:30 Club – Washington, DC

09/23/11 – FDR Park – Philadelphia, PA

09/25/11 – Terminal 5 – New York , NY

09/26/11 – Paradise Rock Club – Boston, MA

09/28/11 – Sound Academy – Toronto, ON

10/01/11 – The Greek Theater – Los Angeles, CA

They will also appear on Jimmy Fallon on September 21, 2011.

Build a Rocket Boys!

Happy Birthday, Guy Garvey of Elbow

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Guy Garvey of Elbow

Guy Garvey of Elbow

Happy birthday to Guy Garvey, lead singer of the band Elbow, who celebrates on March 6.  I’ve seen Elbow in concert and like all of their albums, they are great!  I’ve been fortunate to hear their latest album “Build A Rocket Boys!” (which will be released on April 12, 2011) and it picks up right before their brilliant album “The Seldom Seen Kid” left off.  Wait until you hear the epic 8 minute track “The Birds.”  It’s so great!  They haven’t announced any US tour dates so far except for Coachella but I am hoping they come back really soon.  Happy birthday Guy!  Hope to see you soon!

Elbow – Live at All Points West

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If you don’t know the music of the British rock group Elbow, and you should, lead vocalist Guy Garvey has a voice that is reminiscent of Peter Gabriel.  According2g, that’s a really good thing. While they’ve been around for over 10 years, they just won the prestigious Mercury Music Prize for their fantastic album “The Seldom Seen Kid,” so they’ve been gaining fame and credibility.

Enjoy some worldwide exclusive pictures from their set at the All Points West Festival in New Jersey on August 2, 2009 after the jump.

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