Happy 53rd Birthday, Prince

Posted by The G on June 7, 2011 under Celebrities | 3 Comments to Read

Another world exclusive photo by G.


How in Jehovah’s name is Prince 53 years old?  He still looks like he’s in his 30s and he still sounds like he’s in his 20s.  As I’ve been a die-hard fan of Prince since I was 4 years old, I am not too pleased with the creative (or lack of creative) direction he’s taken in recent years. Since it’s his birthday, let’s not celebrate his short comings – and there are MANY topics I could get into as I have an insiders perspective.  Instead, let’s talk about some good things that many people don’t know about Prince.  Since I get asked this question all the time, Prince is his real name.  His dad was in a band called the Prince Rogers Trio and his first and middle name are taken from that.  His last name is Nelson.  

Also, Prince has careers of studio recordings that remain unreleased.  Yeah, I said it – CAREERS!  Many songs have leaked out throughout the years and just with the stuff I have (and I know I don’t have all of what I know exists), I’d conservatively estimate that if you made 15 track albums with these songs, we are looking at 40 albums of unreleased music.  Remember that a lot of legendary artists have 15 albums or less in their repertoire.   Also, I should also point out that the majority of these songs are not just filler either.  They are songs as great as the released tracks from the classic albums the world knows and loves.  Obviously, he’d oversaturate the market if he released everything he ever recorded, but it seems silly to record this volume of music and then never let anyone hear it.  But puzzles like that are part of the reason we all love Prince even when he does something douchey like that, isn’t it?

Happy birthday to the man who doesn’t celebrate birthdays!  My love for your music will never die (unless you continue to release albums as shitty as 20Ten).

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