Happy 65th Birthday, Barry Manilow

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Photo and autograph courtesy of the G Archives.

Barry Manilow

Barry Manilow

Happy 65th birthday to Barry Manilow.  Is it weird that he got his start with Bette Midler whose initials are also BM?  It’s probably also no coincidence that they’ve both had face lifts.  Just saying.

It’s also artist M.C. Escher’s birthday today.

Happy 65th Birthday, David Gilmour

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Photo by G.  Art by Mr. Brainwash.

Pink Floyd by MBW

Pink Floyd by Mr. Brainwash. David Gilmour (2nd from left)

One of my personal Gods, David Gilmour of Pink Floyd celebrates his 65th birthday today.  Though he’s aged pretty well considering the rock and roll lifestyle he’s lived, in the 1970s, Gilmour was so hot!  I’ll be celebrating today by listening to “There’s No Way Out Of Here,” which in my opinion is a perfect song.  It’s got great lyrics, amazing harmonies and Gilmour’s signature “blow you away” guitar solos!  Happy birthday DG!

Happy 65th Birthday, Henry Winkler

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Photo and autograph courtesy of the G Archives.

Henry Winkler

I’ve met Henry Winkler a bunch of times.  Every time, without fail, he was always really nice.  One of the things I love about meeting celebrities is seeing if their off-screen personalities match with their on-screen personas.  You’d think that Henry Winkler would be too cool for school like his character The Fonz was on the enormously popular show “Happy Days.”  I’m here to tell you that in person, Henry Winkler is as cool as The Fonz.  So cool that I forgive him for misspelling my name.  Henry Winkler turns 65 on October 30, 2010 and we at According2g.com wish him a very happy birthday!  AAAAAYYYY!

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