The West Memphis Three Attend NYC Film Premiere

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West Memphis Three

West Memphis Three (on left)

On October 10, 2011 as part of the New York Film Festival, the West Memphis Three (from left in top picture: Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin and Jessie Misskelley) attended the premiere of “Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory,” a documentary about their wrongful imprisonment for the murder of 3 boys in 1993.  In 1993, Damien, Jason and Jessie were arrested, charged and convicted of killing 3 young boys in West Memphis, Arkansas, even though they maintained their innocence in the crimes and concrete evidence proving their guilt was never produced.  It was alleged that the trio killed the children as part of a satanic ritual.  After multiple documentaries were made and after 18 years of prison sentences served, the West Memphis Three got their sentence overturned.  During this time, new evidence came to light proving the West Memphis Trio did not commit these crimes.  To avoid a lawsuit against the state of Arkansas, the trio was released only after pleading guilty to the crimes!

From left: Jason Baldwin, the filmmakers and Damien Echols.

The film was incredible and it’s really scary to see the holes our justice system being exposed!  The West Memphis Trio was recently released from prison and as you can imagine, there was not a dry eye in the house when two of the 3 guys came out after the film to do a brief question and answer session.  Jessie Misskelley was in attendance, but preferred not to get on stage.  “Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory” will be airing on HBO soon, so definitely check out this film.  It’s a tragic, yet fascinating story that will raise all kinds of questions in your mind after you see it.

Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory

George Harrison Documentary Premieres at New York Film Festival

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George Harrison

George Harrison - Living In The Material World. Showing on HBO on October 5 and 6, 2011

Martin Scorsese’s documentary on George Harrison, “Living in the Material World,” made its US premiere at the New York Film Festival on October 4, 2011.  The four hour documentary is a must see for all Beatles fans.  There’s a ton of footage you’ve probably never seen before including home movies as well as newly recorded interviews with Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Yoko Ono, Eric Clapton and Tom Petty – just to name a few.  The film is a fantastic portrait of a fantastic man.  Obviously as he was a Beatle, he achieved fame and success that the majority of people on earth will never get to taste and yet he spent his life searching for inner peace.  The first half of the documentary covers the Beatles and the second half explores his fascination with spirituality and shows great footage from his solo career.

Olivia Harrison

Olivia Harrison

George’s widow, Olivia Harrison was present to introduce the film and afterwards, Martin Scorsese, Olivia and some of the key film makers did a question and answer session.  Spotted at the premiere were Eric Idle, Adrian Grenier, Rita Wilson, Fisher Stevens and Wes Anderson.  The film will air on HBO on October 5 and 6th, so make sure you catch it!

Olivia Harrison, Martin Scorsese

Olivia Harrison, Martin Scorsese

Lady Gaga Has Explosive Breasts

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Lady Gaga Monster Ball Tour - May 7, 2011 on HBO

Lady Gaga Monster Ball Tour - May 7, 2011 on HBO

Some people have breast implants.  Lady Gaga has breasts that shoot fire.

Her Monster Ball Tour will be airing on HBO on May 7, 2011 and this is the poster.

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